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Oziorrinco Dear Gardening editorial staff, I don't know what to do to permanently eradicate the oziorrinco from my garden: last year a good part of the laurel hedge and of photinia has already marred me, it has attacked the rhododendrons and the azaleas besides the name and the wintergreen. Furthermore, the hydrangeas already last year did not bloom and the leaves dried up at the edges.
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Flowers with paper napkins

"Title =" Flowers with paper napkins - giori with paper napkins "> Flowers with paper napkins Floral decorations are always impressive, there is no better way to decorate a table, set for a party or a dinner with guests important, if not to create flowers of a thousand colors with paper napkins, and maybe even use them as a placeholder, using your favorite color for each diner.
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Bonsai that loses leaves

Question: bonsai loses leaves I have a ficus bonsai plant. For some days he has been losing the lower leaves, becoming yellow and falling. It is located near a large window in the kitchen. What to do? Euronovità EN-80656 Pump 2 Liters Manual Spray Garden Sprinkler Garden and Flowers, Green, 20x20x28 cm Price
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Apartment plants

Production of artificial flowers

Artificial flowers production Artificial flowers are an ideal solution to create long-lasting compositions and preparations, the materials used for the creation are synthetic, see polyester and silk, but today it is possible to obtain a product very close to the characteristics of a real flower, through a surface treatment that gives the flower the "Real Touch", or a "fleshy" consistency that brings it closer to realism.
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Orchid diseases

Orchid diseases Orchids are very delicate, in fact, they can be affected by numerous pathologies, sometimes even fatal, the most common being those that are parasitic but not only, they can also be due to fungi and insects, and this also depends a lot on incorrect cultivation techniques. First of all, care must be taken not to ruin any part in question as the plant would suffer a lot and remove the parts that are rotten or the dry leaves.
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Fruit and Vegetables

Loss of boci

Question: loss of bushes My lemon is blooming with many buds, but these fall to the extent of one or two a day Round 80 cm R Round Pot in Terracotta Color Resin Double Edge Price
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