Boxwood with red leaves

Question: what has my box?

I live in Piedmont (Alessandria), I have some potted boxwood plants that have different reddish leaves, what can be caused and what are the remedies. Thanks

Boxwood with red leaves: Answer: the boxwood

Dear Amelia,
much depends on how many leaves are reddish, and how the plant is; if the plant is healthy and vigorous, and is producing many sprouts, it could simply be the fact that it has received a decidedly very harsh climate in the past months, or that it is located in a very sunny area. These two things can cause the presence of red leaves, without however affecting in any way the vigor of the plant. If, on the other hand, your plants, in addition to having reddish leaves, do not look good, that is they do not sprout, they have floppy and slightly coriaceous foliage, etc .; then it could be some parasite or cultivation problems. In general, the boxers are resistant, and tend not to get sick and to bear even unfavorable cultivation conditions, but sometimes they may not like the excesses of irrigation, especially if they continue and if the plants are grown in pots. The red leaves therefore they could be due to a soil that is constantly soaked in water, very damp, which is asphyxiating the roots. In addition to this, the red leaves could be due to excesses or lack of fertilization. Boxwood plants often get sick due to a particular fungal parasite, called rust, which makes the leaves reddish, or orange; this fungus develops above all in conditions of high humidity and spring climate, with high temperature ranges from day to night. To eradicate this parasite it is necessary to use specific fungicides against rust.