Cyclamen tuber

Question: what is it?

It was born of a flower, a kind of ball, what should I do? ... Is it a bulb? ... can it be planted?

Cyclamen tuber: Answer: cyclamens

Dear Roberto,
cyclamens are perennial plants, which produce a tuberous root, similar to a strange lumpy potato; this tuber is the reserve of nutrients, in the form of starches, which the plant stores; in this way even if it loses the aerial part, which dries with the summer heat, it can survive until next year, and in this way with the arrival of the cool it can start to sprout again and bloom. The thicker and turgid a tuber is, the more beautiful the plant will be next year. Clear that, as with many other bulbous or tuberous plants, each single tuber can produce additional tubers, and even from the seeds of a tuberous plant, over time, a plant will develop that will produce a fleshy tuber. If your tuber is small, and it was produced from seed, or as a secondary tuber of the main plant, obviously it is a seedling in development, which may not even flower next year, or produce few leaves and few flowers. As with a common root system, even the tubers must grow in order to give rise to a luxuriant and vigorous plant. Then plant the tuber in a pot, in a good rich and fresh, well-drained soil; take care to position the part that presents the “eye, or the future shoots, towards the other, and the small roots downwards. Leave the vase in a cool, dark place; at the arrival of the cold autumns you can begin to water. In order to have an evergreen and floriferous plant over time, it is essential to cultivate the foliage as best as possible, watering and fertilizing in the period of greatest vegetative development.