What to buy for my balcony?

Question: What to buy for my balcony?

I would like to buy some plants for my balcony, a newly purchased house, but I don't know where to start. Consider that I live in Palermo, so very hot and humid in summer, the balcony is sunny in the morning! I would prefer to buy evergreen and perennial plants! Thanks in advance for your kind advice.

Answer: What to buy for my balcony?

Dear Patrizia,
what envy! Your terrace has the ideal characteristics to grow a large number of plants, given that it is located in Palermo, with decidedly high winter night minimums, and the plants will be protected from the house when the strong wind that characterizes the city will force you to wear a nice coat; in addition to this, in the Mediterranean areas, an insolation only in the hours of the morning is perfect, since it is from the afternoon in pious that the heat becomes unbearable and the plants begin to suffer from the direct sun. So you can plant what you want, everything should survive without problems. Clear that a lot depends on the size of the terrace, and consequently of the vases that you can place. If you can place large jars, tubs, then you can also grow citrus fruits, yucca, ficus (in an area well protected by the walls of the house), a beautiful bougainvillea or jasmine, or even a strawberry tree (many tend to develop), or a phormium (which does not grow much in height, but widens a lot), solanum. If you want something more "exotic" look for abutilons, there are many species and varieties, with incredible flowers (usually they lose their foliage in winter); or try plants of Australian origin, such as grevillee, leptospermum, callistemon, their showy flowers and particular foliage will give a slightly "different" touch to your terrace. If you can only grow small plants, you can choose ground cover, such as vinca, hypericum, various types of sedum, aptenia: they are all ground cover and often evergreen (I would say rather evergreen seeds), with beautiful flowering and throughout the summer, which they do not require great care and are content with little. If you have enough space, why not put some bulbous summer flowers in your home? These generally lose their foliage in winter, but the flower show is worth a few months without leaves: therefore hippeastrum, Agapanthus, gloriosa (evergreen), crocosmia, curcuma, hemerocallis, canna indica; they are all spectacular flowers, which can also be placed at the foot of shrubs or small trees.