Question: daisies

I transplanted the purchased daisies and the flowers died, but the vegetation is beautiful, is it normal?

Answer: daisies

Dear Ziggy,
with the term margherita several dozen different species of plants are indicated, it is therefore difficult to give you directions for the cultivation of your plant. From what you say, I believe that simply the plant has suffered stress due to the fact that it was repotted during the period of greatest flower development. So in order to survive he sacrificed his flowers. In general this behavior does not preclude further subsequent flowering, especially if it is a plant that often blooms during the spring and summer, such as dimorphoteca or gazania, which continue to flourish with the passing of the weeks. If the plant is fine, it is luxuriant and produces new foliage, do not worry it will also start to bloom again. Often these events take place when we buy a plant that in nurseries received a great deal of care, to be able to make it bloom quickly and develop in a luxuriant way; in fact, in nurseries the plants always receive the right insolation and the correct amount of water as well as regular fertilizations. These plants, married at home, with a less humid climate, less watering, new soil and repotting, often suffer an excessive jolt in the cultivation conditions, which leads them either to the loss of flowers, or sometimes to a halt in the vegetative growth. As soon as your plant has adapted to the new pot and new soil, it will start to develop its small roots and produce buds. The important thing is that the treatments are suitable for the plant, and that it is kept in the right brightness, with regular watering, and a good fertilizer for flowering plants every 12-15 days, dissolved in the water of the watering.