Sterlizia to the sea

Sterlizia to the sea

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Question: sterling at the seaside

Can I plant the sterility in the garden of the house by the sea, perhaps in the shade of a palm tree?

Answer: sterling at the sea

Dear Rino,
the Strelitzie are large perennial herbaceous plants, originating in southern Africa; in particular Strelitzia reginae, one of the most widespread species in cultivation, is native to South Africa, where it also lives in coastal areas. I think you can safely place it in the garden by the sea, possibly in a bright place, where it receives at least a few hours of direct sunlight a day. But he does not like excessively muggy heat, and therefore you should be able to find a space that enjoys a little shade in the hottest hours of the day. These plants can tolerate short frosts, and therefore can be grown in most Italian coastal areas; if then your beach house was in Veneto or in Friuli, maybe you might have to cover the plant during particularly cold winters; if, on the other hand, your home is located in any other Italian region, I believe your strelitzia will develop smoothly, with excellent winter endurance. These plants have a fairly slow development, so don't expect them to produce large clumps in a few years. Once they have adapted to the garden, they tend to have very few needs, being satisfied even with the rain water; clear that, as soon as placed at home, it is advisable to water, but only when the soil is dry, leaving a good interval between two waterings.