Question: my camphor trees

having planted our gardener two camphor plants next to each other just 30cm apart from each other in a garden that measures just 7m by 7m, I would like to know if a gross error has not been made, since then they are trees that do they grow a lot? the second tree was added because it was thought that the first one was dying and they gave us one, telling us to wait anyway if the other recovered. in the end he recovered and now that they are growing (I am at 6 meters or more) I fear I made a mistake in allowing it to be planted. I'm waiting for your advice. thanks

Camphor: Answer: camphor in the garden

Dear Martino,
camphor (cinnamomum camphora) is a majestic tree, native to Asia; despite its exotic origins, it also develops very well in the gardens of northern Italy, and we have many examples of it in the parks on Lake Maggiore, you can if you want to go and see some centenary specimens at Villa Taranto, to realize what your saplings will become . Given the size of your garden, it seems really excessive to have placed two specimens of camphor, one next to the other. Although you will probably have to worry about your children or your grandchildren, as the camphor reaches the height of 20-25 m, with a crown that can reach 12-15 meters in diameter, but certainly this happens over the centuries; it is in fact a tree that initially has a fairly rapid development, and then tends to grow slowly. Even more so should your two camphor specimens behave in this way, as they "disturb" each other, not only by crossing the branches of the foliage, but also by hindering each other in the development of the root system. If one of the two trees had the upper hand over the other, the larger one will tend to overtake the other, which will deteriorate due to lack of light and water. So I think the two trees shouldn't give you very large problems, especially in the coming years. To give you an example, even the evergreen magnolias are trees that can, over the decades, reach a height of 20-25 meters; despite this, many can be seen in Italian gardens, even in gardens that are not too large, because in any case, if these trees do not find the necessary space, they tend to develop very slowly. I worry a little about the fact that over the years you will find yourself with a very shady garden.