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Question: which grass is best for you?

If anyone could give me advice, I would welcome it. I wanted to make a soccer field in natural grass in a very sunny area. The land is near a river so it could be subjected to temporary flooding during any floods. The land is made up of pebbles and earth from the river. There are no problems with irrigation. The climate is warm in summer and quite cold in winter. Two types of grass have been proposed to me 1) BERMUDAGRASS pure hybrid macrotherm 2) SEASHORE PASPALUM pure macrotheme Since the field will be used at least 3/4 times a week for about two hours morning and evening I would like to know what could be the best solution and if there are others. Thanks

Soccer field: Answer: turf plants

Dear Gianni,
the plants you have indicated are very resistant and vigorous; bermudagrass is a particular variety of bermuda, which has shown itself to be resistant even at low winter temperatures; seashore paspalum is another weed, slightly more sensitive to cold. So your choice should be dictated by the winter lows in the place where you live: plants such as couch grass and paspalum often do not survive winters that have prolonged and intense frosts; therefore in spring it happens to be found with lawns full of "holes" due to the death of some of the plants that composed them. In recent years, in areas with a mild winter climate, wheatgrass and paspalum have also been used to prepare golf courses, given their resistance to summer drought and heat. Just think of how difficult it is to eradicate weeds in areas where it develops as a pest, where its presence is not welcome. To allow the preparation of weed grass also in northern Italy, and in European and North American areas characterized by harsh winters, particular varieties of weeds have been selected, particularly resistant: they generally have names in English, which resemble North American places, because they are in the United States these particular varieties of weeds have been selected.
In addition to resistance to cold, it also controls the price, because it often happens that these seeds are sold at almost prohibitive prices; however, consider that the gramigna and the paspalum give rise to low maintenance lawns, which survive even in the dry heat of Sicilian summers, so perhaps a few euros more for the seeds may be worth it.


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