Fertilizer dose

Fertilizer dose

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Question: fertilizer dose

hi I bought a manure for palms I wanted to know 30 cc to quandi grams correspond

Answer: fertilizer dose

Dear Antonino,
your question seems simple, but it is slightly misplaced, as we do not know if the fertilizer is liquid or powdered; if it were distilled water, a cubic centimeter would have the exact weight of a gram. But if your fertilizer is liquid, it is not water anyway, as it certainly has a different density than water (to give you a simple example: a tablespoon of oil and a tablespoon of water have a different weight); if the fertilizer is in powder, things change further, if you find a graduated glass in the kitchen, you will certainly see that a liter of water and a kilo of flour occupy different volumes (not much, but different). You can consider the statement 1cc = 1g only partially true. The only thing you can do is to take an old glass, fill it with water and weigh it; then fill it with fertilizer and weigh it. The weight of water you can equal to the cc, in the sense that 100 g of water are more or less equal to 100 cc; and based on this make the proportion.
If, on the other hand, you found a nice measuring cup in the package, fill it with 100 cc of product, and weigh how many grams are. However, consider that as far as fertilizers are concerned, you can also go a little "in span", more than anything else you are rather low with doses, because it is always better to give little than to give too much, to avoid "burning" the roots of the plant.