Oleander harassing

Question: How do I kill an oleander?

an oleander in the garden sank its roots in the sewer pipe, blocked the drain and damaged the bathroom (flooded !!) the plumber told me to dry the oleander with all the roots. which product do you recommend? thanks, it's urgent, Monica

Oleander harassing: Answer: oleanders

Dear Monica,
oleanders are very beautiful, evergreen shrubs, with a very prolonged flowering, which lasts throughout the summer, and sometimes even in autumn. However, they have the habit of producing very deep and invasive root systems, which overwhelm everything they find before them; in fact it often happens that the roots of oleanders ruin pipes, containment walls, paved walkways. Unfortunately, in addition to making many roots and very deep in the soil, they also tend to be very resistant. If you don't want to put anything in the flowerbed anymore, you can try the herbicide, the total one, which is used for gravel paths; but it is not said that the oleander dies, as it is a vigorous and resistant plant, not for nothing is it used in many Italian cities even in the traffic island. The most definitive thing you can do, is to cut the bush 30-40 cm from the ground, and then dig to remove the roots; all, because it often happens that from a few roots left to die, you find yourself after a few years with new shoots sprung from nothing. If the oleander is very large, you can also think of renting a small excavator, with which you can quickly solve the problem, let's say at the root.
Remember that oleanders are extremely toxic plants; when it comes to having them in the garden, there is generally no problem; but when you go to cut the wood, move branches, remove leaves, it is convenient to keep a nice pair of gloves, and avoid rubbing the eyes or the mouth with the gloves soiled with plant sap.