Branched Cycas

Question: can my cycas branch out?

I have a multi-year cycad that this year has made two jets of new leaves instead of one. what should i do? I wouldn't want to damage her, please help me

Branched Cycas: Answer: the development of cycas

Dear Alessandra,
cycads are plants that come from an ancient past, we could call them fossil plants, like ginkgo, because they are plants that for many millennia have not been mutated, and cycad fronds can be found even in very ancient fossils. They are particular plants, similar to palms, dioecious (that is the male flower and the female one bloom on different plants), with a bizarre aspect: the foliage is very large, to form rigid fronds, which sometimes seem to be made of plastic material; the stem is bizarre, stocky and short, dark in color, covered with the remains of old fronds. Growth is very slow, and it is generally easy to see in adult cycad gardens that do not exceed one meter; and usually, in 90% of the cases, we can admire single-stem cycas, without branches. But over the years these plants branch, not very often, not always, but there are many well-branched specimens, with even three tufts of leaves at the apex. Developing, the two different quotes, will give rise to a beautiful branched cycas, which will present a stem that opens in two. This is not a disease or a cultural problem, but simply the normal development of a plant, which occurs with such slowness, as to make a normal bifurcation almost an unexpected and unsuspected event.