My willow

Question: My willow

I have a willow in a pot but without a saucer ... is it better to put it on or leave it like this?

Answer: My willow

Dear Teresa,
the saucer is not a fundamental element of the vase, and is generally positioned more for aesthetic reasons than actual necessities, or it is placed to prevent water from spilling out of the vase, causing problems especially when the container is placed in the house or on a terrace: the water that runs from the vase can stain the floor tiles, or even fall on the terrace of those who live on the floor below ours. So, except in these cases, where reasons not related to the cultivation of plants, force us to put a saucer, in general it would be better not to put it, because, without it, it allows excess water to flow out more quickly and constant. The problem, however, also depends on how big your willow is; if it is a willow tree that will reach large dimensions, a large shrub or a tree, and you want to keep it in pot, you may have to put the saucer in the next few years, because summers will occur when your large plant will need large amount of water, and will prefer a very well-wet soil; the watering operation will then be simplified by placing a saucer, which will collect the water, keeping it in contact with the ground for some time, so as to allow the substrate to absorb a lot of it. Willows generally prefer fresh and moist soils, and in general they do not disdain water even in excess; clear that the ground must still be of good quality, loose and light, so that it does not remain soaked for a long time.