Unknown plant

Question: unknown plant

what plant is it? how is it treated?

Answer: unknown plant

Dear Enea,
the plant you sent us a photograph of is celosia, it would look like a silver celosia, or a hybrid of the same. It is an annual plant, native to Africa, but widespread in nature even in most of Asia, where in fact more than an ornamental plant is a vegetable to be placed in the garden: the many small seeds that produce long spiche , are used as a substitute for cereals, as they contain starches. Celosia belongs to the family of amaranthaaceae, and like amaranth it produces small round seeds, which are eaten boiled. As ornamental plants it is cultivated as any annual: it is planted in a fairly sunny, well-lit place, but not necessarily hit by sunlight for many hours a day; it is watered when the terreo is dry; every 12-15 days it is fertilized, using a fertilizer for flowering plants; when the inflorescences have withered, the twig that brought them was shortened, so as to stimulate the development of new flowers. It is a very floriferous plant, which produces buds until the autumn; it also produces many seeds, and therefore usually, the last flowers are left on the plant, so that they go to seed and can self sow; or the seeds are collected to prepare seedlings in late winter or early spring.
There are many varieties of celosia, in particular, the most appreciated, is celosia cristata, which has bizarre inflorescences, shaped like a crested rooster, very showy.