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How to save a pinetto

Question: how to save a pinetto

hello I would like to know if there is a way to save my dwarf pine that for a few days instead of being a beautiful bright green has become almost all brown. added however that a few days ago not far from the pine was sprayed an insecticide for wasps . Was it the cause of your change and if so what can I do now?

Answer: how to save a pinetto

Gentile Monia,
I thank you for your request, because this event often occurs, and many other readers have found the same problem as you; in many places there are small conifers, delicate in appearance, grown in tiny pots. They are found in the supermarket, but also in the local markets and in some furniture and hobby shops; the widespread presence of these plants, unfortunately, does not mean that they are also easy to cultivate. Usually they are conifers of various species, from pines to firs, from junipers to cryptomeries; they have small dimensions, because they usually belong to particular varieties, with a decidedly very limited development, which even from adults do not exceed one meter in height. These plants are not very easy to grow: they need to be placed in the ground, or even in a nice large vase; the exposure should be partially shaded, so that they do not receive the strong sunlight of the hottest hours of the day. Watering must be provided only when the soil is completely dry, otherwise the roots tend to develop, over a few days, very dangerous rots, which can also lead to the drying out of entire branches.
They are generally plants that tolerate drought, but we avoid leaving them for weeks without water in summer, especially if they are grown in pots. Yellowing is usually caused by root rot, and is treated by providing fungicide against root rot, and by spraying water more often.
Possibly, it would be appropriate to remove all the dry or damaged parts, in order to stimulate the production of new healthy shoots.