To cultivate the yucca

To cultivate the yucca:

The yuccas, often called trunks of happiness, are plants native to South America; in nature they reach 10-15 meters in height, they are cultivated as house plants and remain below three meters. Cultivation is simple, above all because these plants also tolerate not entirely favorable conditions. They tolerate drought very well, and they should be watered mainly in spring and summer, always waiting for the soil to be dry before watering again; when we water we pay attention to wet the soil in depth, avoiding to leave water stagnation in the saucer.
To always have a healthy and beautiful plant it is advisable to periodically clean the foliage, using a damp microfibre cloth.
Let's place our plant in a very bright place, even directly exposed to direct sunlight; these plants in nature live in extreme places, with large temperature ranges from day to night; they can therefore also be grown in a stairwell, or even outdoors; in fact they easily withstand temperatures below zero, as long as the climate is not excessively rainy. Often growing they tend to grow very high, leaving a long bare stem; to avoid this it is advisable, periodically, to lower the stem. This operation is done by cutting the stem at about 30-40 cm from the highest tuft of leaves. The cutting thus practiced should be left to dry for a few hours and then placed in the soil, in a new pot or even in the pot where the old stem is already present. On the cut that remains on the old plant it is good to put some mastic for pruning; therefore the cultivation is practiced as always: within few weeks from the bare stem new shoots will develop, which will lead to a new head of leaves.