Pilosella mother tincture

Pilosella mother tincture

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Pilosella mother tincture

More and more widespread against mild diseases have natural remedies, to the detriment, instead, of taking medicines that can often lead to dysfunctions if continued over time. Specifically, in the herbalist field, the so-called mother dyes are widely used, that is real extracts from fresh medicinal plants left to macerate in a hydro-alcoholic solution of different concentration; the mother tincture, therefore, comes in the form of liquid, to be taken in drops during the course of the day, but never for prolonged periods of time and to cure some disorders, such as stomach ache, inflammatory states that are not very serious, as well as to purify the body and counteract water retention. The mother tincture, in particular, can have different concentrations depending, in fact, on the ratio between plant extract and water-alcohol solution, which starts from a minimum of 1 up to a maximum of 10 (the extraction can take place both on whole plants, that only on specific parts, such as flowers or leaves). Due to its alcoholic nature, the mother tincture belongs to the category of alcoholics and represents a real starting point for the creation of homeopathic medicine products. Mother tinctures can easily be purchased at any herbalist's shop or major pharmacy, at a price which can range from 6 to 20 euros; hereafter, the description of the characteristics, the beneficial properties, the method of use and the possible contraindications of the pilosella mother tincture.

Characteristics of the pilosella plant

The pilosella is a perennial officinal plant that belongs to the Asteraceae family and that can be found in dry, sandy, mountainous areas (up to three thousand meters of altitude), but sunny, typical features of continental European lands (in Italy, in fact, it is particularly common) and in northern Asia; the pilosella looks like a rather small plant (it hardly ever exceeds twenty-five centimeters in height), with flowers with double pale yellow petals similar to dandelion and leaves covered with a thin white hair and gathered in basal rosettes, for which form this plant is also called cat's tongue or mouse's ear. As for the extraction of the active ingredients of the pilosella in order to be able to draw the multiple benefits, this takes place between the months of May and June, exclusively collecting the top of the flowers of this plant and leaving them, precisely, to macerate in a hydro-alcoholic solution.

Beneficial properties of the pilosella mother tincture

The use of pilosella mother tincture It is recommended for its various beneficial properties: diuretic, draining, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and anti-haemorrhagic. As regards the first two properties, the pilosella mother tincture is particularly recommended in the presence of cellulite, water retention, swelling limited to the lower limbs of the body or abdominal swelling; the pilosella, in fact, is able to significantly increase, if not double, the amount of urine in the body, thus facilitating diuresis and the expulsion of toxins and excess fluids, number one allies of the hated cellulite. In addition to its draining function, the pilosella plant is also used as an important remedy for liver detoxification, through excretion and consequent elimination of bile. The presence of coumarins, flavonoids and triterpenes, the mother tincture of pilosella plays a profound antibiotic and antiseptic action, favoring, in fact, the protection and regeneration of the tissues of the bladder mucosa and urinary tract, as well as to fight the possible presence of bacteria which cause annoying cystitis and urethritis. Thanks to the presence of tannins, finally, the mother tincture of pilosella has anti-hemorrhagic properties, able to facilitate both internal and external healing of the tissues.

Use and contraindications of the intake of pilosella mother tincture

The intake of mother tincture of pilosella must therefore take place only in the case of the presence of one of the aforementioned pathologies, first of all water retention, for which this plant is particularly indicated. It is advisable to take 50 drops of mother tincture in lukewarm water on an empty stomach and away from meals (best just got up), in order to maximize its effectiveness and for no more than two consecutive months; instead, it is not recommended to take it in the evening or before bedtime, simply to avoid unpleasant sleep interruptions due to the strong diuretic power of the pilosella itself. To date no particular contraindications have been found deriving from the intake of mother tincture of pilosella, but abstention is advised in case of pregnancy and lactation, as well as in the case of intake of some other diuretic or laxative, to avoid overloading of the kidneys ; due to the presence of alcohol in the mother tincture, it is not recommended to take it even in case of gastritis.