Dandelion mother tincture

Dandelion mother tincture

It is a phytotherapy product that is obtained from a perennial herb that is very resistant to frost, mostly spontaneous, belonging to the Asteraceae family. It is also known as crazy chicory, dandelion or swine snout. In reality the names with which this grass is locally called are almost infinite and those mentioned are only the most known.
The plant is characterized by the yellow inflorescences which then turn into the classic shower head with which all of us as children have played in the fields. The leaves are reminiscent of chicory due to their shape and color and the plant can grow to around 40 centimeters in height.
The powers of the dandelion have been known for centuries to the point that in 1500 it was considered even magical. The leaflets can also be eaten raw in the salad, they are characterized by their particular and aromatic taste even if bitter, excellent for those who have cholesterol problems. Obviously, care must be taken to collect them where there are no polluting discharges.
The main application of the dandelion is precisely that of the mother tincture. This is obtained by maceration of the whole plant with well washed flowers and roots, for this reason it is preferable to prepare it in spring when the plant is in bloom, in alcohol at 45 degrees, the proportions are five parts alcohol and a part of dandelion. Leave to macerate for about twenty days at a temperature of about 20 degrees and then strain and place in a possibly dark bottle. If you don't have time, patience or the raw material, you can also buy the dandelion mother tincture in herbal medicine.
Despite being a natural product, the dandelion mother tincture it must be used in small doses also because there is a strong presence of alcohol. Given the not particularly pleasant taste, it is also possible to dilute a few drops in water or fruit juice and be careful with children given the alcohol content.
The dandelion is not toxic, but there may be contraindications for some diseases and it is therefore appropriate, before starting the hiring, ask the doctor for advice, in particular the dandelion mother tincture is not recommended in case of gastritis, ulcer, hepatitis, occlusion of the pathways bile.


The secret of dandelion mother tincture is in the combination of vitamins and mineral salts that make it precious and low in calories. In fact, it is rich in vitamin A, B, C, D, with very high levels of carotene useful for the eyes, it also contains lutein, a valuable ally to prevent age-related visual problems. As for mineral salts, potassium salts stimulate diuresis, plant sterols fight cholesterol, nitric oxide instead acts as a defense of the immune system by stimulating cellular phagocytes. The concentration of iron and vitamins has made the dandelion excellent for treating anemias, being also rich in boron, it increases the production of estrogen in the blood and this, thanks to the presence of calcium, helps to keep the bones and prevent osteoporosis. Therefore it is recommended to take women during fertile age and in menopause, it helps to combat premenstrual syndrome thanks to the reduction of water retention that characterizes this period.


We have previously said that the ancients considered this magic herb and given the limited knowledge of the time, it can be said that they were absolutely not wrong because the dandelion mother tincture actually has almost miraculous properties due to their versatility, or the ability to act on many organs and muscles of our body and therefore help to solve many problems, such as cholesterol, constipation, water retention.
The properties of the dandelion mother tincture are above all purifying, in fact a few drops a day, especially after a period in which there is abundance in foods that are not really healthy, help to purify the liver of toxins in a natural way thanks to the taraxicin that favors the production of gastric and pancreatic juices. In addition to liver, the purifying function is also performed at the kidney level, in fact the dandelion mother tincture promotes diuresis.
This last property makes the dandelion an excellent adjuvant in diets to dispose of excess liquids but above all to combat the odious cellulite pads that obsess almost all women. Also useful for the gall bladder because it can increase the expulsion of bile.
The laxative and diuretic functions are a real remedy for our beauty in fact in the long run the benefits of constant use can be seen even on the skin that will be less impure, smoother, compact and young. Also useful for combating acne and pustules.


Dandelion mother tincture may have interactions with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and other diuretics. The same makes the bile more fluid, so for those who have calculations these could be stimulated to move and you could have very painful colics, which is why you need to be careful if there are these formations.