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Dried lavender flowers

There are hundreds of varieties of lavender grown on all continents, where enthusiasts have been able to create spectacular gardens using spikes of different shapes and shades of color. Lavender is a plant, with an erect habit, which can be 40-60 cm high, exceptionally it reaches up to 120 cm. Each ear contains a variable number of very fragrant flowers with a strong aroma depending on the species. Even the colors can vary greatly: all shades of purple up to pink and purple; of intense blue and blue to white and gray. It is a plant particularly suitable for forming low hedges or borders of avenues which, cultivated in the open ground, have very little need for water, fertilizer and care. However, he loves the very sunny places to grow harmoniously so as not to have to orientate in search of the sun. By the first half of September, when the plant loses its good appearance, after flowering, it must absolutely be pruned by cutting not only the flowers but also part of the vegetation, so as not to make the plant lignify; if lavender is pruned in this period, within a few weeks, it will put the leaves back and there will be a nice bush even during the winter.How to get dried flowers

The flowers put to dry are another way to enjoy the sweet aromas of this wonderful plant. Even the old dry bundles can come in handy as you light a scented fire! It is very easy to dry lavender bouquets at home: just prune the plant when the sun goes down, when it is dry, leaving the stems of the ears 18-20 cm long. Tie up only twelve flowers with a rubber band or string for each bouquet so that the air circulates well between one ear and the other so that mold does not form. Hang the bunches upside down in a dark and ventilated place and wait 2-3 weeks depending on the humidity of the air.

What can be done with lavender flowers

Countless perfumed thoughts and surprising practical utilities.
To make the pot pourri, to hang in the cabinets or to put in the linen in the drawers, just wrap a fair amount of dried flowers in small tulle bags, those of the favors, then insert them in fabric or lace bags that can be reused for many years more. A romantic idea is to put one of your lavender cushions together with writing paper: even if it is used so rarely, it will be very pleasant to send with your fragrant memory. You can even freshen up your home rugs without using harmful chemicals: just add two tablespoons of well-ground dried buds to a cup of baking soda; put the mixture in a jar and sprinkle everything on our carpet. After about 30 minutes we pass the vacuum cleaner and our house radiates new light and a pleasant clean smell.
Lavender is the main ingredient of soaps that can be made by hand; a small bag of dried flowers it is good to add it to the bath water to help you relax and breathe better. The tips and leaves of lavender are used in most dishes instead of rosemary, for example with shrimp skewers, or with meat-based stews of wine. Beautiful and excellent garnish for sparkling wine glasses, sorbets and ice cream, it becomes delicious with chocolate cake. However, be careful not to eat flowers from florists, nurseries or garden centers. In many cases these flowers have been treated with pesticides that are not suitable for food use.