Cleaning old vessels

Cleaning old vessels:

Often it happens that over the years we use recycled containers, which contained other plants, died from diseases, or repotted. It is very important that these containers are cleaned perfectly before they can be reused, or we risk that any parasites in the pots attack the plants we introduce into them. In addition to this, scale deposits often form on the vessels, which can be very unsightly. The first thing to do is to remove any residues on the vessels, which are old soil, cobwebs, small insects; we can also help you with a stiff brush, or with a scraper, or even with a damp cloth. Once this is done, it is advisable to wash the vases; if they are very dirty we prepare a solution of lukewarm water, containing little soap for the dishes and a few drops of bleach, which will kill any microscopic parasites, and leave the vessels to soak. The following day, we brush the vases well; if they have limestone zoning, we use a common descaler to clean them, and then rinse the jars very well, with plenty of clean water. We put the jars in the sun to dry them perfectly, and then we can reuse them.