Fresh plant juices

Fresh plant juices

The fresh plant juices are those juices obtained through the direct pressing of the leaves without drying which causes the plant to lose some of its beneficial properties. The vegetable is chopped and pressed and all the liquid contained in the leaves is drunk without adding neither preservatives nor dyes. Even the supermarkets sell juices of this kind but of course, if prepared in a homely way, obviously the juices are much more genuine and healthy. Not a few people are getting into the habit of pressing the leaves of a given plant on their own to take advantage of the benefits and therapeutic properties of the plants. When the leaves of vegetables are dried to exploit the virtues, surely some benefits are obtained but unfortunately most of the enzymes found in these components are modified. Juices are easily perishable, which is why when we find them on supermarket shelves, we find them under vacuum. If we prepare them, then at home, we must drink them immediately.

The main juices

Undoubtedly the most used leaf juices for their effectiveness are those of aloe and artichoke. Artichoke juice is an important energy source and certainly keeps the hepatic apparatus in shape. The analgesic, healing and activity properties beneficial to the intestinal flora, are without a doubt, those virtues for which the aloe is much appreciated even if it is preferable to buy the aloe already prepared in herbal medicine because in this case, it is free of aloin which could have a too strong laxative effect for the person taking it. Moreover, in recent years, specific studies by phytotherapeutic scientists have ascertained that aloe has a very high antitumor effect. The nettle juice that is prepared by squeezing and without adding a single drop of water is catching on recently. Nettle juice has a highly draining power and guarantees an excellent supply of minerals to the body.
Of course there are many plants suitable for obtaining excellent fruits with great therapeutic properties.

Maple juice

Maple juice is one of those juices that boasts of possessing several purifying minerals. From the most remote times, this juice is called "the vitamin of morale" because it is done by those people who have a slight depression. The juice counteracts tiredness and is excellent when the season changes or when a person feels tired or lacking in strength and even when he has to face a period of study or an exam. This type of juice will regenerate the entire nervous system. The juice is prepared by collecting the sap during the spring season. The sap contains fundamental elements such as vitamins, proteins, potassium iron and a high quantity of malic acid. Some Canadian industries are specialized in this production before many others, including Italian ones. These companies use the sap through an elaborate process and to obtain a liter of juice it is necessary to treat at least 40 liters of sap. Pineapple juice in Canada is considered an almost miraculous remedy because it is purifying and detoxifying and has been used since ancient times. Extremely appreciated because it contains an enormous quantity of mineral salts and vitamin B1, this wonderful juice seems to have some virtues suitable to fight even acute depressive states. Maple juice acts very much on the stomach and is able to immunize our body making it stronger towards microbes and bacteria. According to careful research by the University of Vermont, maple juice has a significant effect on arteriosclerosis disorders due to the high presence of zinc. The recommended doses are one tablespoon a day of maple juice diluted in a glass of water even if you do not have precise pathologies. Just one week of treatment, and the whole body is able to immunize itself. The problems of memory and mental fatigue will be largely solved thanks to the maple juice which certainly prevents the mind from straining excessively, especially during periods of profound effort such as a heavy study cycle or a difficult exam. Therefore, it turns out to be a valid tonic to reinforce not only the immune defenses but also the mental ones. Among all these virtues, the contrast with water retention is added, in fact the juice increases the diuresis by considerably lowering the waist centimeters. There are many people who take maple juice to decrease the so-called "pancetta" and it seems that through a lifestyle including a healthy diet and adequate physical activity, the use of maple juice can actually make dispose of annoying little people who stop on the abdominal area. The maple juice also has the beautiful gift of calming the hunger and giving a noticeable sense of satiety. It is used very much in low-calorie diets because it allows you to endure hunger even in fairly restricted diets. The price of the juice, given its difficult preparation, is expensive in fact a bottle costs from 25 to 30 euros even if it is worth buying it for its virtues.

Fresh plant juices: Agave juice

Another juice with very important properties, is that of Agave leaves and has prized virtues all over the world. It is a very thick drink where the concentration of sugar is reduced to a minimum because the juice contains a lot of fructose and is particularly suitable for people suffering from blood sugar. It is easy to preserve and does not harden even if kept cool. The agave juice is obtained directly from the sap and in particular from the blue agave, of Mexican origin. The sap after a special filtering is removed from the solid particles and then stored in containers. The next step is to heat the liquid obtained through thermal hydrolysis and the carbohydrate that transforms fructose, is called inulin. Finally the agave juice is concentrated and becomes as fluid as honey in fact has roughly the same consistency. Agave juice is a valid alternative to sugar and contains zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium. The extraction of the agave occurs by removing the tip of the leaves, leaving only the heart of the plant that is crushed and then pressed and finally decanted into containers with water. Then we have to wait for the maceration process. The juice, treated with special machinery, is bleached and treated. Ideal for people suffering from diabetes, the agave juice as we have seen, contains very little sugar but has other benefits such as healing and antidepressant ones. The Aztec people appreciated it very much because of these virtues. The price of agave juice is quite high but we must consider the cultivation and above all the preparation method which presents a considerable effort. The juice is found in health food stores and shops that sell organic products.