Church floral decorations

Church floral decorations

Decorating a church often takes time and money, contacting event organizers may not fit into your economic possibilities. Why not follow the expert's advice?


If your wedding is to be celebrated over the Christmas period, the florist's advice is this: use mistletoe in the church's aisles, which with an imaginative winter effect will give an impeccable match between the ceremonial atmosphere and the season of the moment. The mistletoe must be taken up again adorning the various pillars of the church, accompanied by some ears and white poinsettias, the latter in combination with the bride's bouquet would complete the unforgettable scenery. The classic red guide who will accompany the bride and groom to the altar, could be replaced by a white one surrounded by green baskets of mistletoe and butcher's broom, a variety then proposed again on the altar together and at the entrance of the church, which will be useful to embellish with colored jars green, bridal flowers and pine cones placed on the floor thus creating a natural and evocative effect.
A suggestion is to reflect properly on the topic and start a work of decorations and targeted decorations. There are various themes created ad hoc for church decorations, themes that would not disfigure but also that would not risk the diatribes with the priest, remember that not all priests would accept decorative excesses in the churches for a simple sense of respect not misleading in the place of worship. Before choosing a theme, it would be advisable to propose it beforehand to the priest, so that it is possible to agree and avoid having nasty surprises at the end.

Some examples of themes that will make you sure

ice-fire, a valid contrast between red flowers and white flowers with fake hoarfrost-adorned foliage, which will render the scenery as if you were in a garden during a cold but exciting dawn, the dew will take its course. A good florist will surely create the effect with the great variety of professional sprays available on the market.
How not to consider the theme of blue-pink if the spouses are expecting a baby? This is an idea that incorporates customizable fees and can indulge the same florist, creating decorations and rosettes with roses and gerberas in pink or rose and blue irises that would highlight the duplicity of the event, crowning a celebration in a warm wish for the next which will come.
If you prefer spring as a season to celebrate the wedding, and then use it as the chosen theme, you could use flowered almond tree branches adorned with organdis ribbon, some small pomegranates at the entrance, dozens of roses sell ivory on the altar, combined with bunches of gypsophila.


The excessively sunny colors such as bright yellow and orange are not recommended, both for a code of meaning in the flowers, yellow, represents jealousy, and for the superstitious ones it would certainly not be a good omen for the spouses, secondly they would be not very elegant colors for a ceremony, they are preferable in table decorations rather than in sacred places.
A very useful tip is also to rediscover the value and above all the aesthetics of dried flower compositions to be used for decorating the desks. It should be remembered that pollen allergy sufferers may be present among the guests. In order to prevent someone from having an allergic crisis, it would be wise to opt for small floral works made with dried flowers, especially the hydrangeas and maple leaves, they would be elements of success and originality, very valid both for the aesthetic aspect and for the practical one.
Alternatively you could opt for fresh flowers with a low allergic effect, the recommended varieties are azaleas and tulips, of this type of flower, there are dozens of species that vary in color and size. The decorations could be enriched with the use of micro candles, which can be matched in color and the ratio of the chromatic aspect of the flower in use, the tape recommended in this case is organza.
It often happens that the church is not large and the space between one desk and another is restricted. You could work around this aspect, alternating two decorative types: flower and leaf, using green in a counter and a bud in the other would make the atmosphere less monothematic.


In order not to make a space that is already large and dim is not bleak and monotonous, it is advisable to use light-colored floral species, also accompanying everything from colonnades specially created by the florist containing candles set at the apex with a wet sponge to avoid accidents. due to hot wax drops.
As for the well-lit environments, especially in the presence of churches with large windows, it would be wise to take up the color of the latter, bringing it back to the choice of the flowers used, a combination that will render the ceremony homogeneous and fascinating.


Generally the costs to decorate a church are subjective, the expense will be based on the budget that the spouses will be willing to spend. It would be impossible to have a certain picture on the expense, but by sampling the greater demands that a florist generally receives, the average cost goes from 600 to 1500 spesa of expense, in the figure are included also the possible decorations for the restaurant and the bouquet.