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The cochlearia

Cochlearia is a perennial herbaceous plant that is part of the cruciferous family. The plant has the characteristic of having very tapered roots and fleshy leaves while the flowers it produces are pretty and fragrant. It reaches the maximum height of 50 centimeters and if it is rubbed, this plant gives off an odor very similar to mustard or horseradish. It is cultivated a little everywhere but it is also found near the brooks or the marine coasts in spontaneous growth. It is also easy to find it at the country lanes near rural homes.

The leaves of the cochlearia are spoon-shaped and can be harvested at any time of the year but only if they are ripe to the right point. The cochlearia is green also in the winter season so it is possible to have the fresh plant even in cold weather. Infusions in fact, bring more benefits if prepared with fresh and not dried leaves. To collect or repot the entire plant instead, you have to wait for the period from May to June. The plant should not be pruned drastically but it is only necessary to eliminate those withered branches or dried leaves and flowers. Wanting in June, you can cut the cochlear seedling about two or three centimeters from the ground and store the leaves in a solution of 2/3 of water and 1/3 of denatured alcohol, in a sterilized glass jar. Thus the leaves will stay fresh for a long time.Therapeutic properties of cochlearia

Cochlearia, is a plant rich in vitamin C and since ancient times, has been used to fight scurvy. In ancient times it was used to combat attacks of asthma and colds of a certain entity but it also has a purifying action on the blood and is diuretic. Today the plant, through in-depth studies, as scientists have ascertained, serves many pathologies because not only does it fight gout, liver disorders and gall bladder disease but it is also very useful for constipation, lack of appetite and for treating those wounds that fail to heal.
The cochlearia, should be used as if it were a vaccine because if taken as prevention, it is capable of countering seasonal flu symptoms. It brings interesting immune defenses to the body and also regenerates liver cells.

How to use cochlearia

The wine is the best ally of cochlearia because in it the leaves of the plant are left to macerate. The cochlearia wine is prepared by macerating 5 grams of categorically fresh leaves for every 100 grams of wine. This compound is taken three times a day for twenty days and there will be quite satisfactory therapeutic benefits with regard to the aforementioned diseases. The juice of the pressed cochlear leaves and added to good olive oil, becomes a powerful medicine to put in drops in the ears and prevents deafness and relieves pain caused by otitis. In herbal medicine is found the essence of cochleary which is of considerable utility for making gargles when the throat is reddened but is also very pleasant as a toothpaste, mouthwash and to disinfect the entire oral cavity. Through the pressing of the leaves added to the alcohol, a dye is obtained. Alcohol at 40 degrees and juice of cochlearia leaves are mixed in equal parts and then 20 grams per day of the preparation are taken. The infusion of cochlear or dye, are used for cosmetic use to disinfect the scalp which is rubbed twice a day and is ideal especially for alopecia. It has been established that the toxicity of this herb is very low, however, there may be a subjective hypersensitivity to the product. It is preferable to consult with a professional or doctor, especially if you are following treatment with traditional medicine and interaction problems may occur.


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