September 2011

September 2011

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From Settembre Rovato (BS)

Franciacorta, a lesson in botany in the rose castle
A botanical journey to discover the world of roses but not only. Some novelties in the garden of aromas are ready to amaze you, including aromas and cooking recipes.
The rich botanical garden of Castello Quistini reopens in September until November 4th all Sundays and holidays from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 15.00 to 18.00.
For this magnificent park the autumn months are a unique opportunity to discover and learn about the particular blooms of this season.
For all botany lovers it is an opportunity not to be missed. With the admission ticket you will be given a map of the gardens and the building and inside the park there will be tips and suggestions from the experts present.
In the mid-afternoon a tour led by Marco Mazza, designer of the gardens and owner of the building, will make you discover the secrets of the world of roses, but not only. The tour will take you inside a bioenergetic garden to discover the energies that plants are able to transmit to us, among the magnificent halls of the palace rich in history and legend, between ancient fruits and inside a small garden of aromas, rich in variety, often real rarities.
And if you want to take home some of our special garden, here you are satisfied, for sale rich bowls with the different varieties listed ready for your balcony or for use in the kitchen.
Quistini Castle
Via Sopramura 3 / A
25038 Rovato
Tel +39 320 8519177

From 2 September Trento

blow-ups of plants and flowers by the photographer Piergiorgio Migliore
3 September - 20 November 2011
Inauguration: Friday 2 September, 6.00pm
Erbaria, a photographic exhibition presenting the blow-ups of plants and flowers made by the photographer Piergiorgio Migliore, opens Friday 2 September at 6.00 pm at the Museo delle Scienze.
The exhibition, a sort of atypical herbarium composed of digitally made blow-ups depicting the whole plant or parts of it, links the beauty of the subjects portrayed to the scientific and cultural knowledge of the plants exposed. The photos are accompanied by ancient botanical books and prints, sheets of historical herbaria and curiosities linked to the possible traditional uses of herbs.
The protagonists are, in particular, common plants, easily traceable in any field and often ignored, but there are also cultivars (varieties of cultivated plants, obtained by man with genetic improvement) from a vegetable garden or parts of ornamental trees: specimens, even of a few decimeters, which take up more than a meter, with exalted details and shapes highlighted by the play of light.
The large dimensions of the images take us into a new world, where plants that are usually neglected and considered insignificant show themselves in all their charm and question us on our way of approaching nature.
A particularity: many shots are dedicated to the hypogean part, ie to the roots. Although of little aesthetic value and therefore usually neglected, the roots have in fact considerable botanical interest due to the fundamental role they play in the life of the plant and, often, for their therapeutic properties.

4 September 2011 Soave (Vr)

1st Edition
Cultural Space
2.30 pm - Opening and reception at the LaFogliaeilVento Cultural Space
3.00 pm - "Iris: a story from nature to the gardens" by Dr. L. Fadini - CONFERENCE ROOM
16.00 - "The use of Iris and other flowers in the kitchen and in the tradition" by Prof. R.
Chiej - Conference Hall
From 4.45pm
"The cultivation and hybridization of the Iris" Mr. V. Pighi
Photo Exhibition "The iris in the history of Val Tramigna" by kind permission of the Municipality
of Cazzano di Tramigna
Testimonials and stories of the "riosse and gadti" - peasant customs and traditions of our territory
"Natural products: from the plant to the precious essences" with practical laboratories: distillation
of essential oils, self-preparation of talcum powder with iris powder.
Organized by Az. Agr. ErbaMadre
"The Botanical Watercolor" by D. Passuello
Informative Banquet A.DI.P.A Association for the Dissemination of Plants among Amateurs
"Il Gelso" Nature Library - Verona
Hours 19.00: Dinner with tigelle by the cultural space LaFogliaeilVento
8.30 pm: "Poems and flowers", with music and dance narration
From the Soave-S.Bonifacio motorway exit towards Soave Centro. Before entering from the walls, on the left you will find the Playground and the IAT office. Entering from the park gate you will find us at the bottom of the structure called "Il Molino".

4-21 September 2011 Treviso

natural inclination
four appointments to talk about gardens and nature in the contemporary landscape
Sunday 4, Wednesday 7, 14 and 21 September 2011
Benetton Studies Research Foundation, via Cornarotta 7-9, Treviso
From 4 to 21 September 2011, the Benetton Studi Ricerche Foundation offers four events dedicated to the garden in the Bomben spaces of Treviso, a theme present in the work of the Foundation from the beginning. The program includes a series of meetings that seeks to bring together different communication plans to reason with a vast audience and to intercept curiosity and interest around a topic that is increasingly paying attention even outside the sphere of the experts.
Simonetta Zanon (laboratories / projects for the landscape, Benetton Foundation) explains: "We want to draw attention to the importance of the garden, an often overlooked place, relegated to the role of niche for few, crushed between urban parks loaded with useless equipment and plants stunted and large-scale landscapes that show a diabolical (and useless) claim to tame nature, between infrastructures and public spaces that are increasingly distant from the people who live there.
The garden in which we thought of returning to meeting significant figures, recalling the great masters and confronting us with the multiplicity of possible gazes, perhaps represents the reconciliation with nature that, more or less consciously, we all pursue ".
The cycle opens on Sunday 4 September at 5.30 pm with Il giardino segreto, a theatrical reading
by Lorenza Zambon (admission 4 euros) from the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett (adaptation of Pia Pera and Lorenza Zambon), with music by Gianpiero Malfatto, performed live by the author. An early twentieth-century book, an absolute classic in children's literature, striking for any adult, inspired this theatrical show created by two artisans of the garden and the art, united by the profound and almost prophetic sign that infantile reading of this wonderful story has left in their memory: Pia Pera, garden expert and writer, and Lorenza Zambon, gardener-actress, one of the central figures of "theater and nature" in Italy. History describes a realistic context, or that of reality wants to give the illusion.
And yet, in its structure, the secret garden is a fairy tale. A sinister gothic villa in the windswept moorland that preserves a dark secret, a child protagonist, a forbidden place, a mysterious key symbolic instrument of every vital curiosity, an abandoned garden that lives again and makes alive, a magical place where it is possible dispel the suffering of body and mind.
The show is curated by La casa degli alfieri / theater and nature.
It will continue Wednesday 7 September at 8.30 pm with the public screening of the film
Paradise found. The parable of the natural gardener (Italy 2009, 91 ') by Patrizia Marani, which tells the story of the Casoncello Gardens created by Gabriella Buccioli, who will discuss it with the director. Gabriella Buccioli, a former theater writer and actress, passionate about gardening, created in Scascoli, in the province of Bologna, in the Emilian Apennines, a "natural" garden that is a work of art of extraordinary beauty but also a precious refuge for spontaneous plant species. , rare or even extinct.
Paradise rediscovered won the International Award at the 2009 Biodiversity Festival in Rome and the Sardinian Sustainability Festival 2010; it was also presented at the CinemAmbiente festivals in Turin 2010 and See the Science of Milan 2011.
On the afternoon of Wednesday 7 September, the seminar by invitation is also scheduled Postcards from the front. The garden in the contemporary landscape with Gabriella Buccioli and Mariapia Cunico, professor of landscape architecture at the Iuav University of Venice.
Wednesday 14 September at 6 pm the Bomben spaces will then host a public conversation to commemorate the great landscape architect, "inventor and poet of gardens", Ippolito Pizzetti, on the occasion of the release of the new edition of Naturale inclination. Consistent ramblings of a rebel landscape painter, collection of his writings for the magazine "Golem l'Indispensabile" (Encyclomedia, Milan 2011). The memory of Ippolito Pizzetti will be entrusted to Domenico Luciani, Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche; Silvana Olivero, architect; Giuseppe Rallo, director of Villa Pisani (Stra, Venice).
Finally on Wednesday 21 September 2011 at 21.00 the film The secret garden (usa-Great Britain 1993, 101 ') will be screened by Agnieszka Holland, also taken from the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, with commentary by Luciano Morbiato, an expert on history and film criticism. The film is scripted by Caroline Thompson and produced by the American Zoetrope by Francis Ford Coppola.

Entry to the scenic reading scheduled for Sunday 4 September: 4 euros.
Free admission to all other events.
For information: Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche, tel. 0422.5121, [email protected],

9-18 September 2011 Lastra a Signa (Fi)

Also for 2011, thanks to the successes achieved in the previous editions, the fifth edition of POMARIUM (9-18 September 2011) is reproposed to fans of ancient fruit.
The organization of the event is entrusted to the association Ape Latina, created to promote and develop the culture of biodiversity.
POMARIUM 2011, under the patronage of the municipality of Lastra a Signa, proposes spreading on a larger scale the passion for the orchard of ancient fruits and for this it brings together at the Vivai Belfiore park numerous exhibitors of products relating to the amateur orchard and the plant to fruit in general: from old and modern books and prints on fruit to specialized magazines, from natural fertilizers to preparations for biological defense; from processed fruit to products derived from fruit, from regional typicalities of the sector to wines from native vines. And then craft baskets, traditional staircases, ceramics, vases for the cultivation of fruit plants on the terrace; without of course forgetting the fresh and dried fruit, in very many varieties, which have disappeared for a long time from the market stalls.
The following are also provided:
- guided visits to the nursery park.
- tastings of ancient fruit.
- exhibitions of various collections: Medici grapes, ancient European plums, 100 varieties of figs, exotic fruits,
citrus fruits, aromatic plants, small fruits.
- conferences that will attract the attention of the amateur fruit grower and grower every day.
- Mycological exhibition and exhibition of Mediterranean edible berries
- during the week of experts will be available to the public to solve problems
related to orchard, olive grove and vineyard.
- educational workshops for children and adults and an animated orchard.
- Music in the orchard: two classical music concerts will open and close the event.
An exhibition of antique fruit and fruit prints, in particular ampelographic, will be set up for the entire duration of the exhibition within the conference space.
The point bar istoro, with typical Tuscan dishes, will be open for the duration of the event.
We therefore hope that the event can be of great interest to everyone, both for the amateur and the professional.
Pomarium office
Via di Valle, loc. S. Ilario
Lastra a Signa - Florence
[email protected] -
Tel: 3283847235 - Fax. 0558724166

10-11 September 2011 Lucca

Fagioliadi 2011
A 'legume' competition.
A voluntary popular jury rewards the dishes made with one of the varieties of pulses present.
A "carnet" to follow the tasting route through the competitors' stands.
In the end, every juror will leave his vote to elect the winners.
5 categories, 3 routes, 1 overall winner.
The categories
Delicacy Delicacy: the dish is evaluated on the basis of: delicate tones of taste, aromas and flavors
Which Character !!!: the dish is evaluated on the basis of: intense, decisive aromas, aromas and flavors; important dish, personality, complexity, conferred in a particular way by the legume used
Lo Sfizioso: the dish is evaluated based on: originality, delicacy, curiosity aroused and determined by the presence and manner of use of the Legume
Che Legume: the dish is evaluated based on: strong characterization of the dish by the Legume. Regardless of the complexity of the dish, the characteristics of the Legume and its personality are specifically appreciated.
Absolute Classification: WHAT PLATE !!!: the dish is evaluated based on: balance and harmony of taste, complexity of flavors and fragrances and the decisive role of Legume in the characterization of the dish. Here we vote for the BEST !!!
Instructions for Use
There are 3 tasting courses of 9 dishes per card, for a total of Each card includes the tasting of a group of dishes selected in order to represent a menu as varied as possible, both in terms of the beans used and the quality of the dishes offered, accompanied by a glass of red wine (... the first is free). The jury
The sworn "volunteers" will be asked to express their opinion on the dishes by filling out the form relating to the chosen course.
150 carnet cards will be available for each card / route at a cost of 10 euros each (7 euros for SlowFood members).
It is possible to book by e-mail [email protected] or by phone at 0583 919931 - 366 3953800
Saturday the selections, the awards ceremony on Sunday!
Further information and updates on the website, and on the facebook / slowbeans page - ​​[email protected]
info point aptlucca
piazza santa maria, 35 - 55100 Lucca
tel 0583 919931 - [email protected]

10-18 September 2011 Parma

Salone del Camper 2011
"Come to the Salone and go out in the Camper for 99 euros"
in Parma from 10 to 18 September 2011
Thanks to the active collaboration between APC - ANFIA, Fiere di Parma and Assocamp, the National Association of Recreational Vehicles and Articles for Camping, at the 2011 Salone del Camper will be available to the public 1,000 vouchers for a weekend in a camper for 99 euros each.
An interesting and unique operation requested by the organizers of the Parma event and Assocamp that will involve all visitors who do not yet have a recreational vehicle but are still fascinated and intrigued by the potential that it can offer and which allows you to discover the pleasure and ease of carving out a tailor-made holiday "en plein air".
"Based on an analysis carried out on the occasion of the first edition of the Salone del Camper, it emerged that 35% of visitors do not have a recreational vehicle." - explained Fiere di Parma and APC, organizers of the Salone del Camper - "Si и therefore decided to offer a wide range of neophytes and potential campers a completely captivating and indispensable proposal that allows you to "test" the holiday that only a camper or caravan can offer ".
The public of the second edition of the Salone del Camper will then be able to buy at the Camper Facile space (Hall 4, Stand C 016) the voucher that can be spent at the Assocamp Dealers from 1 October 2011 to 30 March 2012 (with the exception of the weekend promotion period) 29/30 October 2011; 10/11 December; 31 December 2011/1 January 2012; 7 and 8 January 2012). The Assocamp rental centers can be found on the website or by calling the Assocamp Secretariat on 0521.298.819.
Press Office: Anna Feola
333 2135978
[email protected]

15-17 September 2011 Padua

FLORMART - Professional Nursery Gardening and Gardening Exhibition - returns to Padua from September 15th to 17th for its 62nd edition: the broadly representative appointment of the Italian entrepreneurial capacity of the sector and the ideal tool to combine the commercial needs of exhibitors with the proposals of innovation expected from the market.
FLORMART is the most important European event in the Mediterranean area and is proposed as a meeting point and commercial moment on a large scale, which involves areas from the North of Europe to the gates of Asia and the emerging markets of the Eastern European area.
The success of the event was confirmed by the 20,000 professional visitors, of which 2,500 came from abroad, who, in the last edition, crossed the gates of the event.
FLORMART presents the best floriculture production, from propagating material to young plants to be re-cultivated, from green and flowering plants in pots to outdoor ones, and a wide range of technical products for the world of production and distribution of fresh products. Another section is dedicated to materials and components for outdoor furniture, the park and street furniture; the display is completed by items and accessories for florists, vases, gift items, dried and artificial flowers.
FLORMART, with the Salone T- Verde, also becomes the technical interface between the world of plant production and that of the construction and technical application of green: now in its third edition, T-Verde is the main event for designers, landscape architects, urban green builders and professional users, who confront each other on the most innovative and efficient technological green proposals and where they can touch the most current solutions on the market.

17-18 September 2011 Gardone riviera (Bs)

17 | 18 September 2011
Scientific coordination: Graziella Belli [email protected] T. 336 410877 - Marinella Mandelli [email protected] T. 339 5469004
FREE PARTICIPATION with pre-registration
INFO Municipality of Gardone Riviera - [email protected] - ​​T +39 0365 294605

17-18 September 2011 Riccione (RN)

The best Italian nurserymen meet in Riccione for the autumn edition of the market exhibition dedicated to gardening scheduled for Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September 2011

As every year, Giardini d'Autore doubles the appointment and returns with the autumn edition along with the proposals of the best Italian and foreign nurserymen. September is the ideal month to revive the garden and the Giardini d'Autore is now an unmissable event for those in search of unique botanical collections.
The splendid garden of Villa Lodi Fи will once again be the setting for this event. Visitors will be welcomed in a unique environment where they can spend a special day in contact with professionals and enthusiasts to share or discover the passion for gardening.
Autumn with the magic of its colors will be the absolute protagonist in the nursery collections and proposals.
In Giardini d'Autore it will in fact be possible to discover a fantastic collection of unique color cod plants and curious shapes, as well as ornamental vines, sages, rosemary, grasses, September in bloom, citrus fruits, garden orchids, fruit plants, old roses and modern, aquatic, climbing and tropical plants, succulents, bulbs, aromatic plants and vegetables. Among the curiosities of this September 2011 visitors will find: "Lo standdel Cavolo". Provocative proposal from the Fratelli Gramaglia nursery. A collection of cabbages from all over Europe that besides being important horticultural plants become fantastic ornamental plants of great refinement that will help to color the gardens until late winter. Walking through the paths of Villa Lodi Fи it will be possible to discover many vegetable curiosities coming from the continuous search for the best Italian nurserymen.
In the garden of Villa Lodi Fи will also find space for stands of high quality artistic craftsmanship, furnishings for the home and garden.
Among the events not to be missed: "Chiacchiere in the garden on the theme:" Ancient roses hidden perfumes ". Roberta Pasi of the Vivaio Les Collettes will lead visitors to discover the hidden fragrances of roses. Unlike what is believed, in fact, the scent of roses is not given only by the flowers but also by the leaves, branches and buds of these plants that gives centuries inhabit our gardens. Perfumes that recall oriental aromas that are released during an autumn rain or when the morning sun. Knowing the secrets of these plants helps to create unique gardens with new rules and perspectives. On the occasion of the meeting will be served rose flavored tea and tarts made with jams of rose berries.
All information on the event is available on the website:

16-18 September Rome

16-17-18 SEPTEMBER 2011
with the Patronage of the Municipality of Rome, of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers,
of the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies

"The Snow Preserve" is an event conceived, organized and curated by Maria Cristina Leonardi, a landscape agronomist, and by Lusi Nesbitt, president of the Association and promoted by the Department for Cultural and Communication Policies - Superintendency of Cultural Heritage of Rome ...
Landscaping installation "Ombre et lumière sur terre"
Considering the considerable success of the public and the enthusiastic participation of the landscape architecture students in the installation presented in the last edition by the French group of Landscape Architects "Atelier le balto", the Association invited them to recur with a work in progress that , starting from the installation "Terre et eau sur terre" of last year, will progressively develop an example of cutting-edge vegetable design.
Last year "Atelier le Balto" formalized the importance of water and soil for plant cultivation. This year, in collaboration with Slow Food Rome and Slow Food International, it is the crop itself that will have the place of honor in the installation: two horticultural tunnels will be placed in the large rectangle of beaten earth, the sunniest part of the Parco dei Daini where vegetables and visitors will find shelter there. The latter will circulate, under the lights softened by the shading, among the colors and textures of the vegetable plants that will have been carefully prepared by Slow Food Rome and Slow Food International (a variety of African vegetables). Children will be welcomed with particular attention: tables and chairs will allow them to discuss, draw, observe and repair themselves.
The horticultural tunnel greenhouses represent tents in the desert under which it is pleasant to stop: the 2011 Atelier le balto project could be qualified as "Nomadic Gardens".
As always, Vйronique Faucher and Marc Pouzol de l'Atelier le Balto, will be there during the three days of the exhibition to design and develop the installation. The construction of the plant is made possible thanks to the generous sponsorship of Olimpic Garden, which has always collaborated on the greenery of the city of Rome.
. In the balto's greenhouses you can also find African vegetable species specially provided by John Kariuki, representative of the Slow Food of Kenya. The installation also includes an area dedicated to children: an atelier where, helped by the slow food associates, they will learn to recognize and pot plant vegetables that they can keep for them. This area dedicated to children will be located inside a Scandinavian vegetable garden designed by SoniaSantella, as a further example of the conception and use of the "nutritious garden". The spread of the garden culture in Scandinavia has very ancient origins. Cultivation by private citizens of small lots of state-owned land began towards the end of the nineteenth century and is still today one of the activities most practiced by the Scandinavian peoples
recreational and educational activities:
Slow Food Rome, as previously mentioned, will participate in La Conserva della nevecontribuendosia with specific learning workshops and tasting of some typical products of our diet with both recreational and educational activities for children.

secretariat: 393 5305554
[email protected]