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Fiberglass vases

Fiberglass vases

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Fiberglass vases

Those who have a passion for gardening or otherwise adorn their terraces with plants of various types are well aware of the importance of choosing pots that have shapes and characteristics suited to their personal needs.

Some types of fiberglass flower boxes recommended

The box called Klie has a simple shape, yet it is very elegant, due to some decorations.
The Gardenie box is a rectangular vase with smooth walls. It has a curved edge, designed to make the grip particularly easy. It is ideal for balconies and terraces.
The Coste box, on the other hand, has a special feature, namely that of having a special space for the water supply, which makes it possible to constantly monitor the watering.
This feature allows the humidity rate to be kept constant.

Some types of bright fiberglass vases

The Africa vase has a characteristic cone shape. It has rounded lines though. The light that diffuses is soft, restful, suitable for those who need to spend a few hours relaxing at the end of a day of study or work.
The Bassano vase has very soft shapes and gives off a light capable of creating particular suggestions in the surrounding environment.
The Garden Wall Kit wall vase is very original. It is a vase that can be used as a painting, in which to create vegetable or artificial floral compositions. This is a novelty that is enjoying considerable success. It is also very suitable for the furnishing of medical or professional offices in general.