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Question: Dracena losing its leaves

Hi, I'm writing about a little problem I think of my DRACENA MARGINATA ...
Dracena marginata;
It is located inside the house, exactly in the corridor, it is not a completely shaded area, even a little light arrives, even if it is not direct
I bought it about 1 month and a half ago ...
The state looks good on the top but the low leaves as well as having collapsed are very weak and come off very easily even if they have not turned yellow ... and this worries me a little ...;
About every 10 days wrapped up every 2 weeks ...;
Every 2 weeks with fertilizer for green plants ... then a few weeks ago I put some pink fertilizer pippolino ... what they also give to cycas;
No pesticide treatment
The symptoms as previously indicated .... are in relation to the leaves ... some low and even some in the middle are yellowed therefore death ... and also the low ones are softened and weak ... ready to peel off the trunk ... I don't know if this is normal ... ;
I thank you for your kind attention and I hope you can give me useful information about it ... I enclose some descriptive photos of the plant ...
Thank you, cordially,


Dear Michele
the dragon trees are plants of easy cultivation, on condition that some simple rules are followed.
The plant of which a photo sends us is well developed and luxuriant, without obvious parasites; the loss of leaves should therefore be ascribed to external factors.
One of the main causes of the phenomenon it is witnessing is generally an excess of watering: an always damp ground, with stagnation in the saucer, brings the roots of the plant to asphyxia, and consequently the plant loses its foliage.
Try to water the plant only when the soil is dry, especially in autumn and winter; if it wants to keep the environmental humidity high, since the plant is placed in a wide and deep cache-pot, place a few centimeters of expanded clay or stones on the bottom of the pot holder: in this way the water supplied in excess will go to ending up far from the roots, but evaporating will increase the environmental humidity.
Another reason why the foliage falls could be due to the low brightness received from the plant, or to the proximity to windows that cause blows of air, or to heat sources, which excessively dry the air.
From September to March it can avoid fertilizing the plant.