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Apple juice

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In this drink there are many B vitamins, which are used to reduce stress and strengthen the immune system. Malic and citric acid, on the other hand, serve to better digest and maintain the acidity of the stomach, as well as protecting the intestinal walls.It also serves to keep itself young, because it contains a significant concentration of procyanidin, suitable for protecting the body from diseases due to aging, because the antioxidant effects also prevent cancer and Alzheimer's disease.Among the mineral salts we also find boron, essential for bone health.Also excellent for those who study, apple juice stimulates the brain to produce acetylcholine, which causes an increase in memory.To finish the list of nutritional values, there is the presence of flovonoids, pectin, water and proteins.Apple juice in the USA

Ten percent of US apple juices contain too much of this substance, coming from processing and human products. Even in organic juices there are non-negligible levels of arsenic, due to the pollution of soils and aquifers. The population found itself in agreement in wanting more restrictive laws for soft drinks and fruit juices, because there are lower limits for tolerance on the presence of dangerous substances in these products.
The report of this study was published in Consumer Reports by consumer association American Consumer Union, also highlighting the fact that children drink too much, because parents often perceive it as healthier and less sugary than other juices , even if it is not so.
Transmissions have also been made in which this product was talked about nutritionally, to highlight that it contains many natural sugars that make it become more caloric than milk, to the openness of some other sugary drink. Furthermore, apple juice is particularly poor in vitamins and salts, compared to other juices, and it does not give you a glass because it has no pulp or fiber, although this quantity corresponds to eating different apples.
In this way, all children have been advised that drinking more than one glass a day is not healthy.

Italian apple juices.

Taking a look at our Italy, we can say that thanks to Trentino Alto Adige we produce a high level apple juice. At the Specialist Fair for the processing of fruit of San paulo in Carinthia, the mountain apple juice Gravensteiner Thomas Kohl won the jury and was awarded as the Italian national winner in the juice category. Other sonos awards were also given to the apples of Luggin Karl of Lasa, Oberhofer Klaus of Laces and Quinto & Figli di Bronzolo.
Traditionally, this product has a rather sour taste. To obtain it we use apples with a sour taste, but there are companies that are looking for sweeter juices, thus varying the quality of the apples used. In this way, the consumer can choose what kind of juice to buy.
The drink can be tasted in different ways, in fact it can be drunk fresh, or warmed and flavored with cloves. It is also excellent if it is lengthened with natural water or if it is poured on natural yogurt

Apple juice: How to make apple juice

A healthy method to make sure you drink a juice that does not contain harmful substances is to have it at home. Serve a kilo of peeled, washed and diced apples, which will be cooked in the pot until they are undone. When the mixture is made, it must be filtered with a lot of patience and care, so that all the juice separates from the pulp, to then be placed in a bottle that must then be plugged and sterilized. Sterilization is done by immersing the bottle in a pot with boiling water, waiting at least half an hour before taking it out.
Optionally, before putting everything in the bottle, the juice of lemon and / or sugar can be added to the apple juice


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