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Dry flowers composition

Dry flowers composition

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In the moment in which you decide to add a touch of charm to the house and decide which environment or corner of the house to revive with a beautiful composition of dried flowers it is useful first of all to try to imagine the final result because it is important, before starting, to establish which set of dried flowers, leaves and berries with seeds lends itself better to enhancing the environment in which it is placed, to study well which color combination goes well with the furniture.In the compositions, among the materials that need the flowers are the basic element they can be found and dried as you can buy, in fact on the market there are so many flowers and materials to create compositions of dried flowers, not to mention that many useful materials for the compositions found in every home.To obtain a pleasant overall result even the choice of the container is very important, first of all, it is necessary to respect the principles of the proportions, that is, in relation to the flowers that one has decided to use in the composition the vase, it must not exceed by a third the whole of the composition, for the rest it is not important that it should be made of crystal or silver because beautiful compositions are obtained with the most unthinkable containers such as low copper pots, wicker baskets, porcelain or terracotta vases etc ...The flowers and the dried vegetables offer a great variety of shapes that together with the container determine the structure of the composition, the final result of a composition is always composed of a set of structures in harmony between them light flowers, intertwined twigs, berries, spikes, leaves. Particular attention must be paid to the range of colors and the way they are combined, for example tones such as reds and yellows is an excellent choice of secondary colors green, violet and orange. A good combination of colors can be had between orange and red and orange and yellow, yellow and green, green and blue and blue and violet, to avoid combinations such as red and green, orange and blue, yellow and violet because they are difficult to insert in the home environment. In case you do not have clear ideas about the effect you want to achieve, it is advisable, in order not to make mistakes, to use flowers with soft and soft tones that can be inserted without complications in any environment with extreme ease.Of particular importance in the choice of types of flowers is the shape of the bouquet to be obtained, if you want to enhance with this piece of furniture a table, a shelf, a fireplace, the ideal choice can be to create circular or fan-shaped compositions that are semicircular even if the latter can find its rightful place also as a composition of dried flowers on the wall.Required tools and materials

To make a circular table composition you need:
1 container (pot, basket, bowl, copper pot)
1 synthetic sponge for flowers oasis brown or gray in the size of the container
dried flowers (pink Helipterum two bunches, two bunches of limonio, two of pink statice, some ears of wheat, two bunches of blue dolphin, twenty stems with poppy capsules).
tweezers for eyebrows to easily handle the flowers and to insert them in small spaces where the fingers are struggling to move
Once the composition has been designed and the overall scheme has been taken into consideration, to understand how flowers, leaves are combined, it is useful to observe nature, the composition to be made consists of elements that are easy to find and inexpensive, such as white limonio, often used in compositions for its aerial consistency or the blue delphinium better known as larkspur is found in the beautifull blue shades of light blue or violet pink dark pink, the poppy capsules are natural gray green and are found in various sizes but can also be whiten if you want.
The flowers of pink Helipterum are very similar to small daisies in the fields are very delicate and it is advised to handle them with delicacy, the pink statice is a plant with bright colors and is inexpensive often used in compositions as a filler to give volume is also used as an element the base and the appropriate shades are pink, salmon and fuchsia.

Dry flowers composition: Execution and care

The first phase to create floral compositions is the preparation of the container that forms the basis of the composition with the synthetic sponge, starting by shaping the sponge, pressing it against the edge of the container, proceeding to cut along the edge, starting to put the flowers the stems of the blue dolphin are cut off leaving a longer one to put in the center intended to define the height of the composition to enhance the effect, make about fourteen bunches of spikes of up to three or four stems that must be inserted between the blue dolphin and while others at sloping heights must be placed around the edge of the vase so as to form a crown of stems, this time we insert the statice, which must be placed shorter than the delphinium and the grain.
The pink statice is an element of prominent color in the composition as a whole, so be careful to distribute it evenly and abundantly and then, once the poppies are placed with the dried capsules, the poppies must be cut in lengths. different and must be placed in a regular manner always respecting the circular shape, to enhance the chromatic effect.
Even the pink Helipterum flowers are tied in bunches of three or four stems and distributed throughout the composition, taking care to fill the gaps and hide the sponge, the Helipterum flower is extremely delicate if it breaks it is rebuilt with the wire .
Finally the lemon is inserted also for this flower it is advisable to make small bunches.
Once the insertion of all the elements chosen for the composition is completed, the vase is observed from all sides to check if the flowers are harmoniously arranged and the composition is not excessively bulky and protruding, where necessary the flowers are repositioned if necessary until you are satisfied with the distribution and the color effect achieved.
Once the composition has been completed, it is only necessary to take care of it, avoiding exposing it to damp environments or sources of direct heat and light that would fade the color, and finally to make sure that the dust does not veil the dried flowers, the effect would be really sad a solution to eliminate it remains to blow it away from time to time with a hair dryer.


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