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Aphids on plums

Aphids on plums

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Question: aphids on plums

natural method to preserve plums from harmful insects

Answer: aphids on plums

Dear Reader,
more and more people who cultivate fruit plants in the garden love to grow them in a natural way, in order to have greater security on the garden products they bring to the table.
Certainly the first mission of the organic grower consists in prevention and in the correct cultivation treatments: a healthy plant, correct fertilizations and waterings (not lacking, not excessive), the right insolation, the presence in the garden of grass, other trees shrubs, which can host antagonistic insects of harmful insects; they are all devices that remove the probability that harmful insects will settle on our plants.
Despite everything, it happens however that some insects settle on fruit and leaves.
In organic farming there is generally a tendency to practice chemical treatments only when the parasitic insects are already present on the plants, avoiding preventive spraying.
Against aphids in organic farming, products based on pyrethrum or rotenone are used; if the infestation is very heavy the active principle is mixed with the mineral oil, which allows a better adhesion to the plant.
Spraying is practiced preferably in the evening or early in the morning, avoiding the flowering periods, during which we would also disturb useful insects.