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Vases with fake flowers

Vases with fake flowers

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Vases with fake flowers

Buying vases with fake flowers is synonymous with savings but also with yield, since the effect is comparable to that of real varieties, but, unlike the latter, the fake flower does not require continuous care and above all guarantees in the long run period the maintenance of the aspect that remains unchanged and is not subject to drying or loss of vitality as is usual in real species.
The jars are commercially available in a large variety, with sizes, colors and shapes able to satisfy everyone's requests.

Why buy fake flowers

The purchase of vases with flowers fake is now a successful business, this leads the consumer to save and above all the guarantee of having an embellishment of the environments, which in turn is continuous and varied.
The artificial flower in pot is the best solution, since once installed it does not need any modification or arrangement. The compositions are created in order to be placed by the consumer, often not very esthete or stubborn in the floral matter. The advantage of this type of potted flower is essentially based on the purchase of a ready and finished product, taken care of by expert hands that present it packaged in such a way as to be impeccable.
Potted flowers represent a product created to embellish large spaces, and at the same time an article frequently requested by accommodation facilities such as hotels, wellness centers or shopping centers. It is an article that is preferably to be considered from laying on the ground, since on average the fake flowers in pots are sold in large compositions, therefore useful to all those who wish to enrich the environment of a studio or a spacious home environment that presents a floor created on a large surface. These types of flowers enrich and complete the aesthetics of the interior.
The choice of the article is also a practical method that surely gives advantage to those who have little time to devote to the care of real buds or above all do not know the methods of florist maintenance.

Fake flowers in vase, how to choose them

Every furnishing style requires a floral variety of its own. The taste of the one who furnishes is certainly personal and subjective, so that this does not decay in a misleading choice, it must be faithful and compatible to the surrounding environment. The aesthetics of the flower requires special attention, the context in which the flowers themselves are destined to be exposed definitely makes the difference and the choice of the vase is a very important detail
Expert advice:
If the environment recalls clear furnishing tones and the style of the furniture is classic, the flowers must be chosen among the many varieties of light or mottled color, which have however a delicate foliage in sight, since the harmony of the latter it homogenises the aesthetics of the environment by combining any rosettes or decorative curvilinear elements present in the furniture with the harmonious curvatures of the leaves. We recommend a light-colored ceramic vase with light Baroque decorations. Flowers like calla lilies, orchids, iris are ideal.
In the presence of an almost spartan environment, with furniture in a modern and essential design, the suggestion is to use small but numerous flowers, especially if placed in branches and not in stems. The flowering branch gives the room a touch of vitality and color that modern monochrome does not often offer, because this type of furniture is often made of metal sheets, therefore without decorations and inlays. The recommended vase should be of square or elongated rectangular shape, preferably with a smooth surface, of plastic material with glossy lacquers. The recommended flowers are those of fruit plants such as dwarf citrus or the Buganvill, almond and broom.
An ethnic style instead favors the use of wood, a vase in this material recalls oriental settings, and the choice of species such as lotus and artificial water lilies in stone bowls would make the atmosphere full of good taste.

Used materials

THE vases with flowers artificial, so that they can have a quality yield, they are created with materials that can make petals and foliage equal to real varieties. Materials such as polyurethane and PVC determine the malleability of the article during processing at high temperatures. Latex is a new innovative material used especially to reproduce berries or fruits. The craftsmanship of expert hands does the rest, enriching the corollas to be created with meticulous details, destined to become a true work of art.
Some types of flowers are made of fabric, using materials such as satin that are able to convey a beautiful tactile and visual sensation.

Flower cleaning and maintenance

Touch also resonates with the touch, since some synthetic fibers present in the petals faithfully reproduce the surface of the real species. It is important to know that the cleaning method of these materials requires only the use of running water with light jets. Detergents or soaps are not recommended, as they could cause discoloration or abrasions that could ruin the surface of the foliage, causing loss of color and real touch, ie the real effect that the fake flower has at its origin. Periodically use a specific glossy spray, certainly helps reduce the amount of dust deposited.
In some cases it may be sufficient to provide a dusting, perhaps with the use of compressed air, the canister used for cleaning electronic devices.