Agave juice

Among the many benefits that it provides to the human body, it is necessary to signal firstly the remineralizing action that guarantees towards the organism, thanks to the high content of iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium. The glycemic index, as mentioned, is low, much lower than both sugar and honey. As a result, agave syrup is, after stevia, the natural sweetener with the lowest rate of glucose increase. Recommended in low-calorie diets thanks to the aforementioned modest caloric content, it is also ideal for children, as it is rich in nutrients.agave juice: In the kitchen

It can be used in many recipes as a substitute for sugar, or even honey if you are vegan. Agave can be used to soften beverages, such as coffee or cold tea, also because, due to its high solubility, it dissolves very quickly. In the kitchen, moreover, it is used for desserts, bearing in mind that its sweetening power is greater than that of sugar: in other words, one hundred grams of sugar sweeten as seventy grams of agave syrup. In conclusion it is clear that we are dealing with a natural healthy product that is suitable for all subjects, without contraindications. On the contrary, the only contraindication, if this can be defined, is represented by the high price that characterizes it: but it is an economic sacrifice that can be made from time to time. To thank us, in fact, will be the general well-being of our body.