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Aechmea blue rain

Question: Aechmea blue rain

Hello, I have been buying an aechmea blue rain that I keep in the living room for about a month, once a week I hardly bathe the earth and add a little water in the glass of leaves, the one from which the stem that makes the flowers starts. Since a few days the flowers are drying while the leaves do not give any sign of suffering, I would like to know if it is normal and how I must intervene, if I cut the whole stem.
Thanks so much.

Answer: Aechmea blue rain

Dear Massimo,
the development of bromeliads, and therefore also of acmea, is quite peculiar; the plant sprouts, develops the dense rosette of leaves, and the particular inflorescence, consisting of colored, large and rigid bracts.
Among the bracts, some small flowers bloom, white, pink or purple. It takes a few weeks for everyone to bloom, because they do it in succession, one after the other.
When all the flowers have withered the inflorescence dies, and dries up. It can be removed; the plant will begin to develop basal shoots, which will develop at the expense of the mother plant. In a few years it is possible to have more bromeliad plants in the same pot, all destined for the same type of development.