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Take care of the lemon plant

Take care of the lemon plant

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Question: take care of the lemon plant

I have a lemon tree planted about 5 years ago. For the first few years it did not produce any fruit (it was still young). The other year finally the longed for fruits! This year in spring there were so many little flowers that, for no apparent reason, they dried up and therefore no lemons. The tree is in the ground and I take care of it with specific substances during the summer months.
I would like to know where I'm wrong, considering that it should be 4 seasons.

Take care of the lemon plant: Answer: take care of the lemon plant

Gentlie reader,
lemons are evergreen plants, which have a more or less constant development, throughout the year; we must therefore constantly remember to water them regularly, waiting for the soil to be dry between one watering and another, and obviously intensifying the waterings when the climate is hot and dry.
In addition to this, especially in the period of flower and fruit production, we will have to fertilize the plant adequately; in general for the lemons the shredded lupins are used, to be sprinkled periodically around the plant, where they remain for about 3-4 months; if desired we can also use a common fertilizer for fruit plants, to be diluted in the watering water every 15 days, or a slow release granular fertilizer, to be spread around the stem every 4 months.
Watering and fertilizing should be given regularly, without exceeding, but without leaving the plant for weeks without water or for months without fertilizer.
In addition to fertilizer and water, the fruit drop may also be due to the cold wind, especially at night, which may have excessively lowered the temperature around the plant; or even a late frost.
If you live in an area with a mild winter climate, perhaps your plant is still subject to brief episodes of intense cold, in which case it tries to cover its foliage with tissue, in winter, at least until the plant is still young