Create a beautiful garden

Create a beautiful garden

Are you passionate about gardening and want to try your hand at building your own garden? Do you have a stony and barren space that you would like to transform with your hands? Or are you just planning to move to a rural, mountain, out-of-town place, and - because you're provident - you want to know everything, absolutely everything, about how to build a beautiful garden?
If so, you're in the right place. Here you can get all the information you need to build your beautiful personal green space; you will discover some tricks and some malice that you need to know before you get to work!
First and foremost you need to know that it will take elbow grease, organization, planning and a certain amount of money. The materials you will need to buy are easy to find, and of course they are available on the market for all tastes and budgets. But remember: armed with imagination, good will and perseverance. Everything else is written here! Be sure that with the right amount of commitment the results can only be excellent: you can have your hedges, you will take care of plants and flowers. Because no, you can also build a nice greenhouse to plant some vegetables. You will have to mow the grass of the lawn and set up the spaces in the way that seems most congenial to you, but without exceeding, neither in sobriety, nor in pompousness.
You can initially spend weekend time building your own garden. Otherwise, if you have free time and don't know what to do with it, then go for work!

The lawn, an indispensable element for the perfect garden

Of course when you think of a garden, you can't help but imagine rich and lush grasslands, finely cut. The smell of grass and the multicolored splashes of flowers. Peace, relaxation, the tranquility of a beautiful spring day lying on the grass to contemplate the clouds. Or you could imagine yourself as a quiet Sunday with your family or friends, turning hot dogs and hamburgers on your brand new grill while you sip some good drink with your favorite company. In short: if you imagine all this, then you really want a beautiful garden where you can realize your dream. But how to do it? Which way to start.
From the green, of course! So keep reading and find out how you get a real lawn!
It is important before anything else to obtain the right tools of the trade, which can be summarized mainly in spade, shovel, hoe. On the market you can find different styles, quality and prices. Choose the one that's right for you, but remember one thing: those tools will serve you for a long time after building your green space, they will keep you company for a long, long time. Don't skimp on quality. Instead, spend a little more, but make sure they are well made and last over time.
Once you get the right tools, you can begin to change the features of the empty, empty terrain you have in front of you. From there your beautiful garden will be born where you can finally turn your dreams into reality. Start with the hoe. Plant it deep, helping you with your foot so that it enters the ground well. Then lift the sod and proceed a little further. Level all the irregularities of the soil and remove stones and roots. Don't forget that weeds and weeds are enemies. Be sure to take them all out, otherwise they will be stronger than before!
Now that you've moved the waters a little - ops! - the earth, then sit down, rest, take a deep breath and jump into the car. Yes, because it's time to use the fertilizer. Don't you want a blade of grass to grow on your garden?
When you have procured the most suitable fertilizer, it is necessary to mix it with the earth already removed. Make sure you have removed stones, pebbles and weeds.
Now it's time for the roller. Are you tired? Good. So, if you don't want to sink into the ground with all your shoes, still too soft, you will have to compact it very well with a nice roll.
The grass will be sown in spring or autumn, after which you can proceed with a nice rake job to cover all your "garden in swaddling" with soil.
A very useful advice? When the grass begins to grow, don't be eager to cut it! At least wait until it reaches fifteen centimeters in length! You'll see what results!

Flowers, that touch of class

Did you see what a beautiful lawn you managed to create with your hands and some useful practical advice? But you have the feeling that something is missing. You look around and you don't understand what, then you have a jolt. "Of course!", You say "flowers are missing". Very good. The essential element is lacking to guarantee each garden its most precious aesthetic value: color!
Of course, green is a beautiful color, but breaking it with the varied range of shades that our flowers can offer us, is one of the most beautiful manifestations of a respectable garden.
So what are you waiting for? Start designing the spaces that will host your flowers, take pen and paper and mark some sketches. From here the roses, from there a nice swarm of daisies ... you choose the flowers that you like the most, think about where to place the flowerbeds, bearing in mind that you may need a greenhouse for vegetables, a tool shed or the driveway . Consider if you intend to build borders for flower beds or create areas for the preparation of floral ornaments contained in vases. Do you terracotta? In plastic? The choice is yours!
In the construction and maintenance of the flower beds, however, you will need to pay particular attention to certain factors: first of all the flowers will have to be treated with the utmost care. Secondly, once you have chosen the varieties suitable for the climate in which you live, you will also need to maintain the structure of the flower beds and any borders so that they do not get damaged. But you know it well from you too: every dream has its right price!

Finishing touches

Now that your beautiful garden is almost finished, why don't you also build an equally beautiful driveway? It will be very useful when you want to maintain the flower beds without treading on the grass, and it will also be a precious decorative element.
A bench to enjoy moments of relaxation? You can choose wood, stone or even plastic.
A small table with a gazebo, wicker armchairs and, why not, a swing for more and less small, would not hurt at all.
In short, at this point, you will be able to play with all the ornamental elements you prefer. Now that you know the fundamentals, the choice of how to transform a garden into your beautiful corner of paradise is up to you!