Hydrangea without color

Hydrangea without color

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Question: discolored flowers

I received a beautiful hydrangea with red / pink flowers 3 months ago. Now I find myself with a hydrangea with holes without color, they are a light green / yellow, they seem ruined. What happened?

Hydrangea without color: Answer: discolored flowers

Dear Andrea,
hydrangea flowers are very sensitive to the presence of particular mineral elements in the soil; when we see beautiful flowering hydrangeas in the nursery, they are often plants that have been forced to an abundant flowering, and whose flower color has been obtained "chemically". This is not a sort of counterfeit, simply some varieties of hydrangea tend to produce blue or violet flowers when the soil in which the plant is placed has an acid pH, and / or is rich in iron or aluminum salts; other hydrangeas tend to have bright red flowers when the soil is rich in calcium, and little acid.
To get the flowers of a beautiful full color, in the nursery the hydrangeas are fertilized with great frequency, so as to keep constant in the soil the most suitable mineral salt content, starting from when the plant is still in bud. Once brought home, the hydrangeas are almost never fertilized with the most suitable products, and therefore the salts contained in the soil tend gradually to be washed away by watering, and therefore the flowers tend to lose color. All you have to do is take up the correct dose of fertilizer so that the colors come back bright.
In addition to this, it often happens to see in the nursery the hydrangeas already in full bloom in March-April; contrary to what happens in nature, as hydrangeas are shrubs with late spring or summer flowering. The result is that already in summer the hydrangeas have had a sufficiently long flowering period, and the flowers wither, as happens in nature in full autumn. The greenish flowers, or completely devoid of color, then remain on the plant for several months, even in full winter, even when the plants have no foliage.