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Apricots without flavor

Apricots without flavor

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Question: Is it possible to change the taste of apricots?

About five years ago I planted a small apricot tree and for a couple of years put a lot of fruit, but unfortunately Without taste, they are not sweet and remain powdery. I kindly ask for advice on making apricots edible. Thanks. Sincerely. Tino

Flavorless apricots: Answer: apricot varieties

Dear Tino,
in the nursery (and also in the cultivation areas) there are many varieties of apricot, so that these fruits can go to satisfy the most varied tastes, from those who only make smoothies with fruit, to those who use it only fresh and just cultured. For this reason, not all varieties of apricot are identical, and some are interesting only for the canning industry, which turns them into juices, jams or dried apricots. So, when you decide to plant a fruit plant, it would be advisable to buy the tree in a shop where the seller can describe what the fruit will be like, so that you can try to buy the fruit that is most suits our tastes. Now, if your sapling is well developed and healthy, there is nothing left for you to do but graft it with a variety that is more suited to your desires. Generally the apricots are grafted in spring, using the split graft; that is, all the branches are removed, cutting the stem parallel to the ground; two X-incisions are then made on the shaft, perpendicular to the ground, it melts a few centimeters; inside the incisions the marse are inserted, the gap is well closed with raffia and everything is covered with mastic for pruning. Clearly, if you have never made a graft, you should look for a farmer or agronomist who shows you how to do it, or who come to your house to graft it. In addition to this, you must also find the scions, or rather the twigs of the apricot variety you prefer. Perhaps, if you have space, it is more convenient (but less satisfying) to plant another apricot. What variety? I love the Luizet apricots, which ripen late, are large, with the pulp melting in the mouth in an explosion of flavor; but it is a matter of taste.