Roses in a vase

Roses in a vase

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Question: Can I grow roses in pots?

I would like to know if all the roses can be planted in pots, my problem and that the house I purchased has a small piece of land on the front of about 20 square meters in size, worse than those seen in the abandoned countryside, above all has about 10 centimeters of depth and a tangle of electric cables and pipes of various kinds, full of gravel, which over time and sunk into the ground I do not know how much, it is always in full sun, without shadow, full of weeds all infested the genres, I believe that the only solution is to put the plants in pots, also because I cannot do any type of flooring since, as already mentioned, there are pipes and electric cables underground, I thank you in advance for the answer I will receive.

Roses in a vase: Answer: the roses in a vase

Gentile Luciano,
unfortunately, it often happens that the garden area of ​​a new house is in fact a sort of cemetery of the remains of the building, consisting of various types of fragments, gravel, and even a little earth, with all the weeds known in nature that they developed to taste. In addition to this, as you have noticed, the various pipes that carry services to the home occupy a large part of the land; remember that these pipes are necessary, and that you enjoy their presence every day when you shower, telephone, or watch TV. Since we cannot eliminate the pipes and the cables, you can however think of slightly raising the top of your garden, for example by arranging a tufa border, which will then be filled with good fertile soil, in which you can cultivate everything. It is clear that this is a commitment, both economic and of work, that you can decide to avoid cultivating potted plants. However, consider that first of all I advise you to remove all weeds, otherwise their seeds will also go into the pots; therefore as a first operation it is a question of weeding, and maybe even sowing a turf that has few demands, such as the clover, or some varieties of weeds, which you can help develop even by simply spreading a veil of a couple of centimeters turf soil over your garden of debris. That said, yes roses can be grown quietly in a vase; consider that each plant will need a large space to develop its roots, and then plant each single rose in a nice large vase, at least a bell with a diameter of 35-45 cm, so that over time they can develop a beautiful root system healthy and strong. In addition to this, don't forget that potted plants tend to be a little more demanding than the same plants placed in the ground: watering must be regular, because the plant only enjoys water that falls into the pot; the fertilizations must be very regular, avoiding deficiencies and excesses; if your garden is always in the sun, in the summer you will have to think of a pergola or anyway a shade cloth, because the vases left in the sun quickly become hot. In addition to this, every 3-4 years you will have to replace the earth in the vases, because it will be exhausted, and therefore we will have to replace it with a good fresh and rich soil. Always remember that when placing a potted plant it is advisable to choose the best soil possible, so avoid discounted supermarket bags.