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Fake outdoor plants

Fake outdoor plants

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Plants in our homes

Plants are an essential accessory in our homes, for their natural characteristics and for their extraordinary beauty. They give that inimitable touch that makes each room personal and unique. We often choose plants based on our taste and our inspiration: therefore in our homes you can admire more or less common specimens, more or less valuable. But a factor that inevitably influences the purchase of a plant is the ability and the ability to take care of it. Sometimes living with plants is made difficult by causes of force majeure such as allergies, bad weather, lack of time to dedicate to them. To meet the lovers of the green corner but with a decidedly faded thumb, artificial plants are made that have the same characteristics of beauty and luxuriance as the natural ones but that certainly require less care and assistance.
This does not only apply to plants intended to embellish enclosed spaces and flowers, but it is also possible to find, in specialized shops, of course, also beautiful fake outdoor plants.

Synthetic grass

Today everyone can have a real green cloak in their garden like that of the football fields. Using fake plants for your lawn and flower beds is a convenient solution to have a space that is always in order and requires limited care: synthetic grass must not be watered, not dirty and lasts a long time. The artificial lawn is bought in rolls that must be laid on clean and weeded soil as if it were a carpet. In a few easy actions you can change the look of your garden! These rugs are made with more or less fine polypropylene fibers depending on whether they are used for paving terraces, swimming pool edges or play areas. There are carriageable synthetic grass carpets that are not damaged due to the transit of vehicles.

Artificial hedges

The hedge represents a comfortable and beautiful way to fence one's garden or isolate domestic spaces from prying eyes. The natural hedge requires care and attention, all this can be remedied through fake plants that are arranged like a wall along the borders to be enclosed. These hedges can be used by arranging them along the perimeter of a garden or as walls of a gazebo or even to cover the interstices of non-masonry balconies. Generally the artificial hedge has a modular structure that is assembled according to the size of the supporting surface. The various modules are added both vertically and horizontally without size limits. To give stability to this artificial vegetation it is advisable to fix it to the reference structure to make it resistant also to gusts of wind. This type of walls are made of colored plastic material with photoresistant pigments which therefore does not damage with long exposure to sunlight. The most widespread artificial hedges are those that reproduce climbing plants such as ivy or very refined is the Photinia which reproduces a plant with a medium-sized dark green leaf and the mantle is punctuated by leaves of a very particular color that tends to reddish.

Fake outdoor plants

When the environment is hostile to the growth of natural plants, in closed places, or during ceremonies where the presence of a green corner is pleasant in the scenography, it is possible to use fake plants. The catalog of artificial outdoor plants includes the reproduction of the most widespread plant types also in natural versions. The climbing wire is ideal for covering pergolas and gazebos, of great aesthetic impression are the drop cypress and then the so-called succulent plants such as chycas or a species of palm called areca or the more spectacular Buxus spiral. Many houses have a terrace or a panoramic view, they are mainly houses that rise by the sea and are therefore exposed to a salty or too hot climate which makes it difficult to choose natural plants. Other times the balconies overlook the historic centers or fascinating and frequented views of the city and keeping this domestic space in order, a veritable appendix to the rooms, is a must. The fake plants are a comfortable and convenient alternative to make these corners of our house beautiful and hospitable and to be able to enjoy their full potential. These plants are always green and flowery and therefore make the environment cheerful and attractive and also should not be watered, do not soil and do not attract insects.
The only thing you need to do with artificial plants is cleaning. In fact, they must be dusted from time to time. You can use the cold or warm jet of the hair dryer to make the dust fly away. If, on the other hand, the leaves are blackened by smog it is sufficient to pass the leaves with a sponge soaked in water mixed with a few drops of degreaser and then go over with a new sponge soaked in clean water to rinse. The flowering plants must be immersed in warm water and neutral soap and then rinsed in clean water. The flowering branches must dry upside down.