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To take care of your plants and perform proper garden maintenance, in addition to passion and commitment, you need a whole series of tools without which many of the main operations could not be performed or would be carried out with great difficulty and effort. Gardening articles therefore make the life of the gardener much simpler, who has the task of handling them wisely so as not to damage himself or the plants. Always useful to have a tool bag to store your tools at the end of the day so that you can always keep them close at hand and avoid losing them. Gardening items are numerous and of different quality. It is advisable to choose tools of good quality and built with resistant materials; although more expensive they will surely last longer.

The fork, the spider, the rake and the breaker

The fork serves to move the surface layer of the soil, it is suitable to collect the fallen leaves inside a vase and to till the garden soil if it is intended to plant plants with a not very deep root system. The fork has three or four hooked metal tips and a wooden, plastic or metal handle; It is a very used tool and always present in the gardener's bag. Sometimes it is surmounted by a small hoe that serves to till the ground, to move it and to dig small holes for planting the seedlings in the garden, pots and planters. Even the spider can perform the same functions as the fork, but having bigger and more numerous teeth it is more suitable for breaking the surface crust of the dry soil and moving the soil around the stem of the plants. The rake and the flexible rake are very useful for cleaning and collecting fallen leaves on the ground and other plant residues. In the version with flexible tips it is used for cleaning flower beds and bushes in public and private gardens. Fork, spider and rake can be, depending on the need with a long or short handle; on the market it is possible to find tools with the interchangeable handle depending on the work to be carried out and without having to resort to or purchase other tools. The harrow or ground crusher is a very useful tool for soil preparation before sowing. Thanks to his wheels, he breaks the clods by moving and leveling the ground. The leaf breaker is also able to sink the seeds into the soil since it works on the surface at a maximum depth of 10 - 15 centimeters. At authorized retailers and DIY stores, three or four-wheel manual breakers are available at a price just over ten euros. The fork and shovel are indispensable for the gardener; with the first one, the soil is stirred by aerating it, weeds are removed, the compost mounds are mixed while with the second it is possible to move the soil in depth, dig holes, mix the soil, etc.

Gardening articles: Pressure pump and items for garden cleaning, pruning and irrigation

The pressure pump, on the other hand, has the function of spraying herbicides, herbicides and pesticides. There are various models on the market: manual or automatic, with a lance in brass or steel and with containers of different volumes and materials. In a medium-sized garden, a manual pressure pump with a 5-liter plastic tank would be fine. The most experienced gardeners always have scissors and shears to make pruning cuts of plants and flower beds. As for the scissors and in particular those for cutting grass it is advisable to purchase the adjustable cutting head model so as to easily access even the most difficult to reach points. The grubber is instead a tool that allows to root out weeds avoiding the use of polluting chemicals. The most modern are equipped with a click system that can be activated with a pedal that can remove weeds quickly and effortlessly for those who handle it. The wheelbarrow must always be present in medium and large gardens; in two-wheel or single-wheel versions it is necessary to carry out all the operations of handling and transporting plants, fertilizer bags, grass mowing etc. There are different types built in different materials, two-wheel barrows require less effort but also have higher prices than the classic mono wheels. Also available on the market are wheelbarrows with aluminum tubs that can be left safely in the elements without running the risk of rusting. Needless to say, polyethylene pipes, sprinklers, watering cans and sprayers are indispensable for supplying the plants with the water they need to live. There are many types on the market that allow you to water the soil and lawn evenly avoiding water residues. The sprayers are particularly useful and versatile items in performing irrigation operations. They can be easily moved from one area of ​​the garden to another, connected to the water pipe, they allow a homogeneous distribution on small and large surfaces.