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If seeing a slice of green in the city today is becoming increasingly rare, there is a way why it is a little less so. Cover the houses, offices or any other structure with garden roofs, whether it has a flat roof or a pitched roof. The garden roof, also called green roof or green roof, is good for the eyes, but also for the environment. The idea is certainly not new: the mind cannot not go to the sumptuous hanging gardens of Babylon, to the villas of the ancient Romans or to the famous roofs covered in Scandinavia. But it has returned incredibly up-to-date in an age in which there is a tendency to build every minimal empty surface to make room for the ever-growing population. And then it can happen to find yourself in front of grassy lawns that cover private homes, companies, offices and even schools and parking lots. In Britain and the United States, garden roofs now represent a consolidated reality, as in Germany. But even Italy, lately, is proving sensitive to the new eco-friendly fashion. And a step in this direction was made last December in Parliament. A bill was in fact approved ("Norms for the development of urban green spaces") which gave the green light to the promotion of local initiatives for the development of urban green spaces, including hanging gardens.


But what is a garden roof like? The first component is obviously the green mantle (lawn, shrubs, intensive or extensive vegetation); they follow a layer of soil; a separation and anchoring layer for the roots, consisting of a geotextile filter made of polyester and polypropylene fibers; a water storage layer, made up of plastic "formworks" with the function of storing water to make it available in the event of drought on the green mantle and finally a separator or waterproofing filter. Speaking of waterproofing, before proceeding with an installation, you need to use some precautions. First of all, check if it is suitable or needs to be restored and find out about the compatibility of the building construction typology with the project you intend to carry out. It is also advisable not to apply garden roofs on slopes that exceed 45 °. As for the green on the ground, also for the hanging one it is necessary to provide an irrigation system. The green area can be made more practicable and livable by inserting paved layers and can be embellished with furnishing elements such as benches and gazebos. But before starting work, you need to pay attention to the regulations governing the subject. For some types of projects, in fact, it is necessary to ask the permission of the Municipality and - in the case of a condominium - the authorization to the other tenants. To learn more about this reality, you can also contact the AIVEP, the Italian Green Roofing Association ([email protected] - tel. 0039 335 383561).


Many good reasons to choose garden roofs. First of all, their function as thermal balancers. In fact, they retain 50 to 90 percent of the rainwater in the earth, which evaporates little by little, preventing overheating of the roof and at the same time avoiding the leakage of the building's heat during the cold months. In addition, the overhead cover reduces CO2 emissions and removes the "spectrum" of the greenhouse effect, as the vegetation absorbs the most harmful pollutants, such as carbon oxides, nitrogen, sulfur, sulfur dioxide. Other ecological advantages are sound absorption, given that green roofs absorb sound waves and reduce their propagation; the reduction of the electrosmog linked to the emissions of the mobile cellular network and the transceivers and the retention of dust carried by the wind and of harmful substances, which are absorbed by the photosynthesis of the plants. In the case of companies, an additional advantage is added in terms of image: the ecological philosophy becomes a marketing operation.

Garden roofs: HOW MUCH THEY COST

In spite of what one might believe, green roofs are not necessarily a luxury for the few, but there are some for various tastes and pockets. They range from the cover made of rare plants and with a swimming pool to a piece of land at a cost of 50-80 euros per square meter. Everything depends on the type of greenery chosen and the complexity of the operation. An intervention designed in the construction phase tends to have a lower cost than one built on an existing structure. But installing roof gardens is in many ways an investment. For example, you save on the future costs of rehabilitating the building's roof, protected against atmospheric agents, solar radiation and temperature fluctuations; but also on heating and air conditioning costs, thanks to the action of thermal insulation. Furthermore, the retention of rainwater by substrates and plants reduces the amount of work done by the sewer system and the risk of overloading and consequent flooding of canals and rivers. As for durability, a well-made garden roof lasts for about a generation. As long as it is well cared for obviously.
If it is true that the perception of the space that surrounds us affects the quality of our life, this is an excellent reason to make the places where we spend our days more pleasing to the eye. Making a gift to ourselves ... and also to the environment.


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