Apartment plants


Question: indoor plants

last year I bought a pallet stove, which plants can withstand a temperature of 22/25 degrees

Answer: houseplants

Dear Rita,
there are many plants that can survive in the apartment, with average 20-22 ° C; most houseplants, although they can survive even at lower temperatures, up to 12 ° C, certainly love warm climates, and therefore temperatures around 20 ° C are certainly not a problem. Then Schefflera, ficus of all kinds, curcuma, poinsettia, aeschinanthus, potos; it then depends on your tastes and the space you have at home, because every plant has its size and its growth rate, even when it lives in a vase. For example, many palm trees, such as the areca, can live in warm apartments, but they need a lot of space, so they are not suitable for all homes. We are then faced with another problem: if plants can easily live in a room with about 20 ° C on average, they cannot survive for a long time if placed next to a stove. This is because even if the thermostat in your home declares you 20 ° C, the temperatures can rise a lot next to the stove, practically cooking the leaves of the plants, and excessively heating the soil. In addition to this, the presence of a stove in the house (like that of a fireplace), causes a strong lowering of the environmental humidity; for this reason, when in winter the heating system is active, and in summer the air conditioner, we will frequently have to vaporize the foliage of our plants, to increase the humidity rate in the air; more so this operation will be necessary when we light a stove, which dries the air a lot. Most of the plants that are grown in the apartment originate from wetlands, with tropical climate; at home, with active heating, the climate is definitely quite different from the tropical one. Often other stratagems are also used to have a good humidity, up to positioning cold humidifiers next to the plants; the most common is to place the pots in large pots, which contain at least a few centimeters of gravel or expanded clay; at the bottom of the pot holder at least a couple of centimeters of water are kept, which will evaporate constantly, making the home climate slightly wetter, at least in the area where we keep the plants. Another trick is to keep the plants of the house close together, so that the moisture supplied to one plant also benefits the others.