Wholesale florists

Wholesale florist centers: what they sell

Wholesale florist centers offer a wide range of products, fresh flowers, artificial flowers, decorations, ribbons, vases, plants, pieces in composition, technical material, packaging, single pieces and all the equipment needed by customers. Therefore, you can find items for florists and furniture components that will then be used to treat and maintain the flowers adequately. In this regard, it is appropriate to know (and then put into practice) some suggestions that will allow customers to keep the flowers for as long as possible.

Tips and advice for the care of flowers

First of all, the flowers must be stored in water, in carefully cleaned containers and - if necessary - rinsed with bleach. Depending on the species, the amount of water will vary: for example, for some species and soft stem it should not exceed ten centimeters in height (this is the case with gerberas), while for roses the height must reach at least forty per hundred of the length of the stem. The importance of nourishment should not be forgotten, using specific sachets for cut flowers: if they are not available, a few drops of bleach may be used, strictly unscented, which will serve to postpone the appearance in the water of bacteria (but the same function is also performed by sugar or a copper wire). In the absence of nourishment, the water should be changed every day, just as the flower should be deprived of at least half a centimeter of stem every day. About the cuts, they must be made obliquely so as to make the surface that will absorb the water as large as possible; you need to use a disinfected blade (if possible with a cloth soaked in alcohol) and sharp, so as not to leave fraying that could expose the flower to attacks by parasites (and are also decidedly anti-aesthetic); the operation, moreover, should be performed keeping the cut under water, in order to prevent air bubbles from forming in the lymphatic vessels of the stem which could complicate the suction of the water towards the leaves and the petals. The lower leaves must always be eliminated to prevent them from coming into contact with water.

How to keep flowers after buying them in bulk

After buying them in bulk, the flowers should not be exposed to drafts or sunlight, and in general to any source of heat that would end up making the water evaporate faster: as a result, the flower and leaves they would remain free of moisture, unable to suck up water from the vessel. Taking into account that the flowers quickly wither in the presence of a warm and dry environment, they should also be kept away from the fruit: in fact, it produces ethylene, a poison that is definitely harmful to the flowers which, in its presence, wither quickly. In case you want to prolong the life of the flowers, you need to spray on them hair spray, which will prevent the petals from falling: the vaporizer must be kept under the flower, about ten centimeters, spraying vertically towards 'tall, so as not to bend the corolla. Moreover, the leaves must be subjected to a constant cleaning action, removing the dust with a duvet. Alternatively, they can also be disinfected with a few drops of glycerin dropped onto a cloth: instead, olive oil is not recommended, because it does not stick to dust. A very effective remedy of the grandmother, instead, is the one that foresees to use equal parts of milk and water.

Flowers of all kinds

In wholesale centers there are, of course, flowers of all species, all colors and all sizes: prices will be lower for seasonal flowers (which among other things will last longer), while they will go up for rare species, those out of season and those coming from abroad (given that costs also affect transport costs). When the flowers are purchased, it would be preferable to check that they are quite mature: in essence, the buds must not be pale but sufficiently colored. During transport, they must be carefully protected to prevent them from being damaged during the journey: and this applies to both the petals and the stems. Still packaged, the flowers should be placed in clean water. Furthermore, the need to treat flowers only with specific tools and products should not only apply to gardening experts, but even more so for beginners, who must pay attention to any signal sent by the plants. Every index of suffering (for example a slight deterioration) is a reason to check the health condition of the flower and identify any problems that may arise shortly thereafter.

Wholesale florists: Wholesale prices are cheaper

Most products (fertilizers, cutting tools, shears, scissors, vaporizers and sprayers) can be found without any problems in any florist's wholesale, at prices that are naturally lower than those found in a retail store.