Wedding floral arrangements

Floral arrangements in the style of the ceremony

It is obviously up to the spouses to choose the best flowers in the best way, as well as the elements of the furniture, because they go to make floral decorations that are in perfect harmony with the style of the ceremony as a whole. If you intend to organize a ceremony in the name of elegance, then even the floral decorations will have to respond to these characteristics. We will thus choose flowers with a particular appearance and meaning, such as roses. The latter are particularly suitable for a classic type of decoration and for those who do not want to pay attention to expenses. If on the contrary the ceremony is set more on the side of fun than of elegance, any other flower will go well. Daisies, for example, could be a valid alternative, even not too expensive.

At home, we start from the bedroom to get outside

The floral decoration of the house of which the bride will come out is the starting point. The flowers will be placed both in the bedroom where the bride will go to get ready and where the photographer will take the first pictures, and in the living room where the guests will be received. The exterior of the house, then, is fundamental. Both the door and the gate, if you live in a house, it is a good rule that they are decorated with white flowers and ribbons. Regarding the type of flowers to be used, instead, the choice should be made at the last moment, avoiding playing too early. It should in fact be borne in mind that the cost of flowers is not constant, but varies from year to year and from season to season, depending on the climate and therefore on the cultivation trend. A good compromise to avoid the risk of spending a fortune on the decoration but to avoid having to make too many decisions at the last minute, with the risk of making a mistake, it could be to identify more than one type of flowers you might like and then check a few weeks after the wedding what the prices are. So you can make the final choice in a more informed way, knowing also how much you are going to spend.

The floral arrangement in the church or in the municipality: here's how to take care of all the details for an impeccable ceremony

Whether you get married in church or in the municipality, the decoration is fundamental. The flowers, if carefully chosen, can completely change the appearance of the interior of the building, which will therefore be customized according to your tastes. The first elements that need to be evaluated are the type of furniture, the color of the floor and walls and any other detail that may be useful to make the right combinations. Usually the bride has the last word about the decoration, which must also be combined naturally with her bouquet.
For a decoration that does not go to exorbitant costs, you can resort to beautiful flowers but also quite cheap. The cyclamens, for example, could be an idea, but the calle are also highly sought after for floral arrangements in the church. Naturally the decoration will consist of a series of elements that must be chosen and requested one by one from the florist. The starting point will be any carpet to be laid on the floor and the color of which will have to be chosen. It will also be combined with the cloths that will be used to cover the individual benches of the church, in such a way as to create a homogeneous set-up. Once we have also defined the color of the bridal shower cover, we can finally concentrate on the flowers. The floral arrangements may be more or less numerous, depending on the needs of the spouses, but also on the basis of the size of the church to be decorated. In a very small church you can also decide to place flowers at each desk, while if the church is very large, the ideal choice is to alternate, perhaps decorating a yes and a non bench. You will then have to arrange flowers at the altar and compositions should also adorn the main entrance to the church.

Wedding floral arrangements: The location of the reception and the floral arrangement on the tables

It is not uncommon for the floral decorations of the tables to be offered to the spouses directly from the location where the reception is held. In any case, it will however be necessary to closely monitor the whole organization to avoid finding yourself in front of unpleasant surprises on your wedding day. Better to be prepared and not leave too much white paper to the owners, because they might regret it. So as not to be unprepared on the subject, therefore, it is good to first of all bear in mind the fact that the flowers that will be placed at the center of each table must be strictly matched to the color of the table linen. Better to leave aside too extravagant compositions and stick to this small rule instead, in order to avoid making messes. then there are those more picky brides than the others who, taken from the anxiety of the combinations, will want to use for the restaurant the same type of flowers with which the decorations were made in the church. However, this is a surplus, which should not be seen as a necessity.