DIY wedding decorations

Do-it-yourself wedding decorations: how to create them

The creation of do-it-yourself wedding decorations allows you to create spectacular compositions by spending very little money. This is the case, for example, of bouquets made with dried flowers or papier-mâché flowers, which also have the advantage of being able to be reused over time since they are not likely to wither or deteriorate. Let's see how to create a do-it-yourself decoration of this type. We will need wire, hot glue with a gun, a few sheets of newspaper, ribbons, tulle and fabrics of your choice to make the bouquet, brush, pine cones, pliers, acrylics and scissors.

A bouquet of pine cones and roses

We can create, for example, small roses, starting from a spiral drawn on the paper and cut out, with more or less irregular contours according to the effect you want to obtain, from a circle whose diameter will be about twelve centimeters; to make the operations faster, you can overlap four or five sheets at a time and then cut out. Using a toothpick or a toothpick, we begin to roll up the spiral starting from the outside and reaching the center: the flower will be born automatically and very fast. After that, it is necessary to leave the spiral so that the rose takes the desired shape and stabilizes: then, adding hot glue in the middle, the work is completed by pressing the center for a few seconds, so as to make the perfectly rolled paper adhere . We will see, therefore, blossoming of roses of considerable impact, which can be used to create a practical centerpiece. Depending on the size, the number of flowers required for a single decoration will vary; it would be preferable, in any case, not to employ more than twenty. For a special bouquet, for example, the roses thus created can be combined with a dozen of pine cones no larger than five centimeters, possibly stained with the help of a brush, an acrylic ivory color, for example to give life to an interesting snow effect. Of course, the stems will not be missing, which are obtained simply by extracting from the wire some pieces about twenty centimeters long, which will be folded on one side with pliers in order to create a sort of inverted U, which will then be overturned again ninety degrees. This will be the support base on which the pinecones will have to be fixed, once again with the help of hot glue. The operation will have to be repeated with the various paper roses, trying to mask the point of union with another piece of paper.

As you can see, the creation of do-it-yourself decorations for the wedding does not require specific knowledge, and simply requires leaving space for the imagination. Furthermore, it is very important that these compositions require very little expense, and can therefore be very useful even for a low-cost ceremony. Other types of creations can be born using tissue paper flowers or paper mache (which, compared to the first, is decidedly more elastic and therefore able to be manipulated more easily), but also dried flowers. The important thing will be to follow precise aesthetic criteria, maintaining a clearly identifiable and coordinated style with the location in which the decorations must be positioned (just to give an example, inside the church it will be preferable to forgo excessively bright or flashy colors).Which colors to choose in spring and summer

As for the colors, champagne, green, yellow, pink and light pastel shades are typical of spring days, bearing in mind, moreover, that each choice presupposes a symbolic meaning. The combination of gold and champagne, for example, indicates luxury, while the combination of white, green and pink symbolizes innocence and romance. Adding white and yellow, on the other hand, gives a feeling of excellence. The shades chosen, however, must also be combined with the bride's dress; for the summer, you can focus on light and bright colors, such as lemon green, lilac or salmon: the combination of white and pink will be the emblem of romanticism, while feelings of freshness and modernity will spring from the proximity of white and lemon green. While white and red represent tradition, the use of blue can only recall a marine setting.

DIY wedding decorations: candles, fruit, stones and ears of corn

In conclusion, it is good to point out that the creation of decorations for do-it-yourself wedding with flowers absolutely does not exclude the possibility of resorting to other materials, objects, accessories, natural and artificial: it is the case of the already mentioned pine cones, but also of fresh fruit (apples, for example, lend themselves very well to this kind of work), of various ribbons and bows made with the most different fabrics. And again, you can use candles, wheat ears, small stones of different shapes, colored or transparent stones, etc.: the important thing is to combine everything in a harmonious and stylistically proportioned way, trying not to give up elegance in the name of saving . As we have seen, the do-it-yourself decorations are also a relief for the wallet.