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Terrace furniture

Any house, large or small, if it has a terrace outside, can turn it into a cozy place. The terrace is a strategic point of the house and like a garden it needs maintenance as well as being furnished. People who live in the city and do not have the possibility of having a garden, can still be happy if they have a nice balcony, even better a terrace. Owning a space outside your own home is an added value because, especially on sunny days, you can do hobbies and small jobs in the open air. Depending on the size of the terrace, we will try to make the right choice to furnish it. The first accessories to put on will be: chairs and tables. An excellent solution is to buy an extendable table, so when you have guests you can become roomy and surround it with chairs. You can add, always if space allows, an armchair and a table. These are simple and very functional furnishing accessories. However, it must be remembered that the terrace needs care and maintenance otherwise you risk ruining all the furniture. Good coverings can be the pergola, the gazebo or the sun umbrellas. The pergola protects the terrace from both rain and sun and can be made of wood or iron, while the gazebo is useful for those with a large terrace. The advantage of the pergola is to lean on the side of your own house on one side and the wall of the terrace on the other, so as to repair every corner and protect the area giving it a harmonious appearance. The pergola has a roundish roof and is supported by pillars. Even sun umbrellas are a perfect cover. Generally they are of very neutral colored fabrics to protect themselves from the sun.


The terraces must be safe, so it is good to protect them with railings designed specifically for them. There are different types of railings, the most widespread are those in wrought iron able to obtain aesthetic qualities suitable for every type and style of furniture. In general, the classic environments prefer railings made up of columns with rather rounded shapes or sinuous shapes, excellent for those seeking elegance. This type of railings are perfect because they give a touch of sobriety to the whole house. Instead in rustic environments, such as country houses or country houses, characterized by a country style, you can choose wrought iron railings decorated with different types of curls or flowers of an articular beauty that have the ability to transform an amorphous railing into A work of art. With these types of railings, homes acquire class and finesse, becoming increasingly valuable.


A well-equipped terrace can become a meeting place where you can spend your evenings in joy. Useful accessories are tables and chairs, excellent elements to carry out many activities such as reading a book, working, studying, relaxing, dining with friends and family. Who wants to make a terrace particularly chic and refined, must opt ​​for a table in wood or wrought iron, because they are two imposing and resistant materials that give the room a fine appearance. Or you can choose a resin table, resistant but not overly elegant. If you want to make the terrace very modern, then the advice is to buy metal furniture because they have a linear style and can be made with different geometric shapes. If instead you want to pay attention to practicality and not to aesthetics, a plastic table is the best solution. Whatever type of table you want to buy, it is useful to know that on the market, there are fixed or foldable versions. Obviously, for those with limited space, we recommend the folding version. There are also models of folding or fixed chairs. Also in this case, the folding chairs are excellent because they safeguard every corner of the house.


A terrace can be further enriched with comfortable chairs such as deckchairs. It is good to create a uniform and homogeneous environment, so as not to make the harmony of the terrace too heavy. The deckchair can be made with different materials, which are essential for creating a sitting area even outside a home. They can be produced in wood or metal and generally have a canvas back with three or four inclinations. So you can sit in the position you prefer, the one that is most comfortable for reading, resting, eating. This type of deckchair is designed to be as light as possible, in addition to being space-saving, if used on a terrace or garden, it must be stored in the closet. Deckchairs can be carried on the beach, so you can spend relaxing afternoons in the sun. It is also possible to insert outdoor furniture. In fact, people who do not have much space can choose to place a cabinet on the terrace. The outdoor furniture is practical and comfortable and acts as a real closet. They can be in wood, metal or plastic, square or rectangular, no matter the shape, the fundamental thing is their usefulness, they are used to store anything.