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Have you ever thought about buying succulents online? There are more and more websites and portals specializing in Internet sales of shrubs, trees, flowers, hedges, flower beds, bushes and other plant species, including succulents: this is the case of Verdefacile, Bakker and Efiori. Buying online is particularly convenient, as it allows you to choose the varieties we want from the comfort of home. But how? First of all, it is important to specify the payment methods: the money can be delivered by Paypal, credit card, cash on delivery and bank transfer in advance. In the latter case, in particular, the customer's order is kept until the proof that the transfer was made by e-mail or fax is sent; once the effective credit has been verified, the material will be sent. Cash payment, on the other hand, takes place on delivery, to be carried out when the material is delivered; as regards the credit card, however, American Express, Mastercard and Visa are generally accepted. Once the transaction is completed, the reference bank charges the sum.

Online sale of succulent plants

Before proceeding to the payment, clearly, it is necessary to identify the varieties that you want to buy: the sites offer numerous offers, with the plant species divided by variety, and you can choose between them without difficulty. Once the selection is made, all you have to do is follow the instructions that are given, without any difficulty even for the less experienced Internet users.
Therefore, the advantages deriving from the purchase of succulent plants through the Internet are evident: first of all, time is saved, because it is not necessary to leave the house, go to a florist or a garden center, look for the desired species, with all that follows in terms of traffic and parking search; you save money because you don't spend gas to get around; and above all, effort is saved, because we must not go in search of the plant, but the plant will come to our house. Just a few clicks from the sofa at home to complete the purchase.

Product warranty

Not to be underestimated, then, that all purchases made through the Internet are subjected to a longer or shorter warranty: for example, in the case of Bakker it lasts even twenty-four months, except - of course - for all species that have a lower life cycle . In any case, the right of withdrawal can be applied provided that it is sent by registered mail within ten days of receipt of the product, where the indication of the goods must be specified together with the expression of the will to obtain the withdrawal. It is good to keep in mind, in any case, that the right of withdrawal can only be applied if the product is whole (and not part of it) and naturally not damaged. The shipment, as a rule, is under complete responsibility of the customer.
However, VAT holders who have purchased for their entrepreneurial or professional activity cannot make use of this possibility. It may happen, however, that the requested replacement product is missing, for example due to out of stock or for reasons of seasonality: in that case the customer can obtain a discount coupon to be used for future purchases of equivalent value to the object of the complaint; alternatively, you are entitled to a refund by check.

The online purchase is carried out respecting all the parameters of privacy and security: with respect to the financial information communicated, for example, the data is absolutely confidential as it is sent through decryption technologies that guarantee maximum security. In general, web sales portals guarantee the same quality as a real garden center. Suffice it to say that Bakker is part of the National Distance Selling Association, which deals with the respect of consumer rights through shared rules and principles. Before making the shipment, for example, the height of the shrubs, the size of the flower bulbs and the quantity of the branches of the roses are checked, and it is ascertained that the roots of the plants are qualitatively excellent, so that they can be planted healthy. , ready and fresh. Moreover, a useful guide to gardening is provided to the customer where all the indications that must be followed to promote the growth and development of the plant are reported. It is worth underlining, in conclusion, that if the guarantee is exercised, the asset is replaced without any cost for the end customer.You can find rare species

As you can see, in short, there is no risk in buying succulent plants online: it should not be forgotten, moreover, that thanks to the Internet it is possible to find rare species or those coming from distant places, which could hardly be present in a garden center of our parts . This is why plant purchases via the Internet are becoming more frequent and appreciated.
Thanks to the network it is much simpler to have the possibility of finding almost disappeared varieties, specimens that can be called collectible and of great aesthetic impact. If you want to make a gift, you can also decide to have the chosen plant delivered directly to the final recipient.

Succulents online: Sales of succulents online

As with all areas, even with regards to succulents, it is essential to turn to sites that give excellent guarantees, both in terms of payments and the quality of the specimens on sale. A suggestion is that, before proceeding with the purchase, to look for the opinions of other buyers regarding the site of interest, so as to have an objective confirmation of who has already purchased. do not stop, however, at the first opinions found or those on the site, it is assumed that those are positive as they are published by the curators of the site itself.
make a selection of reliable and safe sites and carefully evaluate which of them gives you the highest quality at the best price. Check carefully any clauses and the amount of shipping costs, it could happen that the purchase of succulents online is advantageous but the transport cost rather high.