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Question: succulent plants

Good evening, I am Amalia, a fan of succulent plants in particular those of the crassula family. This spring I planted several in my garden, and now I was wondering if with the winter it would have been enough for me to cover them to save them, premising that unfortunately my garden at this time is not at all exposed to the sun. I would really regret losing them! I hope in a quick reply.

Answer: succulent plants

Dear Amalia,
much depends on where you live, and on what plants you have placed in the garden: some species of crassula can withstand a few degrees below zero, others fear frost.
If in the area where you live in winter it is mild I think your plants can survive, even if it would be much better to grow them in a sunny place. If you live in an area with very cold winters you will definitely have to cover your plants, or the first frost will ruin most of the foliage; above all it is essential that your plants are in a well-dry soil: the colder it is and the less water they must receive. So if where you live you freeze cover the plants with plastic film, so that they remain warm and dry. Years ago in an abbey on Lake Garda they had in the cloister a beautiful succulent garden, with a huge crassula oleracea, 180cm high and as large, I even saw the snow above it in winter, and the plant was perfectly adapted.


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