Elm tree

Elm tree

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Question: elm

I live in Palermo, I bought a bonsai elm tree for about 30 days, after a few days it began to lose its leaves, I exposed it outdoors on the window sill, I watered it with the nebulizer twice a week, I think it could have the chance to see it flourish again? what steps should I take? thanks for your kind availability. Cordial greetings.

Answer: elm

GEntile Franco,
elms are deciduous plants, accustomed to a slightly cooler climate than in Palermo; the loss of the leaves could be due simply to the cold season, or even to an excessive exposure to the sun. Even if the elms are trees of full sunlight, you have to consider that yours is in a small vase and in a warmer climate zone than the ideal one, so it is good to place the plant in a partially shaded place, especially on the hottest days. It continues to nebulize, to increase the environmental humidity, even if winter should do its part, bringing some rain. The plant does not need large watering during the bad season, because it is in complete vegetative rest.