Larch prebonsai

Larch prebonsai

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Application: larch prebonsai

I have a larch, a spruce and a Scots pine born of seed this year in small plastic pots of dm. 10 each. As I must treat them since I am in the Alps at 680 m. slm, in order to turn them into bonsai?

Answer: larch prebonsai

Dear Enrico,
although you have chosen plants that are present in nature where you live, you must consider that their dimensions are very limited; for this reason, right now you will have to keep them in a cold greenhouse, and wait for them to develop. Often the young prebonsai of conifers are already preset from very small, bending the stem now that it is still tender. If you wish to do so, it is convenient to act now, by applying wire to the stem of your young plants, considering that once the stem is shaped, it will remain there for the life of your future bonsai.