Embankment containment

Question: escarpment containment

You can tell me a system to avoid that every time I remove the weeds from a steep terrain about 2 x 3 meters slope 70% the earth comes down. It is located at 1200 meters of altitude, facing south, I would like to put the ground cover but it takes something at the base that holds the earth because the plants alone are not enough. Thanks so much.

Answer: escarpment containment

Dear Mirella,
generally in these operations it is used to put something on the ground, in order to make it less yielding, at least superficially; over time then the ground cover plants will compact the soil even deeper, making your slope more solid.
Materials of various types are used, although in recent times strong jute fabrics are preferred, as over time they tend to become less visible and to degrade without leaving residues. In a well-stocked garden center, or in an agricultural consortium, you can find the jute you need, or mulch sheets of other material. Once you have laid the sheets on the ground, fixing them with pegs to the ground, you can pierce them to place the ground cover plants, such as creeping juniper, cotoneater, pachysandra, vinca major, ceratostigma, ivy, lonicera nana, there are many plants suitable for this purpose, depends on where you live, how the slope is exposed, what your preferences are