DIY construction of a wooden toilet in the country

DIY construction of a wooden toilet in the country

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When arranging a summer cottage, you need to do, first of all, the distribution of its territory for the necessary and requiring initial attention of the building. These include a bathroom or toilet.

Without it, the stay on the site will be as inconvenient as in any other room or facility.

The construction of the toilet should be carried out in accordance with the sanitary requirements described in the regulatory documents. Here, the depth of groundwater, the distance to sources of drinking water, residential buildings and other objects that are not compatible with a toilet and a bathroom should be taken into account. If you do not follow them when building a toilet, then you can harm not only yourself, but also your neighbors in the summer cottage.

For example, the location near a well or on the windy side will cause great inconvenience in the future.

The distance to freshwater sources, wells and columns should be about 25 meters. If the groundwater is deep, then you can make a toilet with a normal cesspool.

According to sanitary standards, its depth should be at least two meters, its width is about one meter.

For a family of three to four people, a toilet with a cesspool measuring 2 x 1.4 x 1 meters is suitable. If it is required for a large number of people staying on the site, its size is increased by a third.

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It should be borne in mind that it will be more difficult to clean it, and the gradual clogging of the soil pores contributes to the fact that cleaning will have to be done more often over time.

Types of country toilets

Country toilets can be not only with a cesspool. If the groundwater is high, then most likely digging it up will be a bad idea. The washout of impurities will result in unsanitary conditions, difficult cleaning, and terrible odors.

In this case, a tank under the toilet seat is better suited, which can be emptied from time to time. A toilet with a pull-out tank for sewage is not entirely convenient, but, in any case, it guarantees that the toilet is kept clean and hygienic.

Sump preparation

The construction of a toilet, as it should be, occurs with the preparation of a cesspool, if the depth of the groundwater deposit has this.

The width of the hole to be dug should not only correspond to the norm, but also be comfortable for a person to work with a shovel and a bucket, since you will have to pull out the soil and fit the blade handle.

To dig a hole for one worker will need to spend a lot of time and effort, constantly going up and down to continue digging. It is better if there is an assistant or several people who will promptly empty the buckets with soil, dig and re-feed with a rope.

When the hole is dug to the desired depth, its base is tamped and poured with concrete, the layer thickness should be about four centimeters.

For the strength of the layer, when the volume of the pit is quite large, you can reinforce it using a conventional iron mesh.

The walls, starting from the base, are laid out in even order with bricks, between which small gaps are left for natural seepage of sewage into the ground.

If groundwater tends to rise in spring, then it would be better to make the walls airtight, cover the bricks with cement plaster.

The last layer of bricks at the surface should provide openings for the installation of anchor bolts.

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Making a floor for a country toilet

The floor, which will be bolted, is made of boards with an approximate thickness of 50 mm, their width can be 120-130 mm. Boards are pre-treated with an antiseptic against fungi, rot and insects and dried. For the toilet seat, a hole with diameters up to 400 mm is made in the middle of the floor, then upholstered with crossbars. Holes are made in the floor for mounting anchor bolts.

Building a house

The toilet house is made in the form of a box with a two-meter-high door. A frame is made, beams are attached to it. A jamb with a hinged door is installed in the door opening. To strengthen the structure, additional kerchiefs are nailed inside the toilet. The size of the box depends on how it functions.

You can install in the toilet not only a toilet seat, but also a sink with a drainage system brought out both under it and with the help of plastic pipes to the outside.

Roof installation

A small toilet roof can be made from any roofing material, it will not require a complex frame. You can build a simple slate roof and paint it the same color as your country house. The slope is made towards the rear door at an angle of at least 30 degrees to the base.

Initially, you need to make a rectangular frame of beams with additional crossbars. The base of the roof is covered with insulating material such as roofing felt. Roofing material is hammered onto the constructed slope.

Door insulation

The toilet door can be insulated with any insulating material. In order for it to close well and tightly, the boards for it must be thoroughly dried, treated with an antiseptic substance and painted.

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Ventilation device in the country toilet

In order to get rid of unpleasant odors in the toilet room, you need to think over the ventilation system in advance. It can be made in the form of a plastic pipe extending from the surface of the cesspool to the outside. The pipe is attached to the wall and led out just above the roof.

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